Behind the Music: Get the Dub

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The celebrations flow freely and often these days around the University of Cincinnati football team. Six wins in a row and first place in the conference will do that.

Although, this year, instead of sticking to the common traditions of UC football like the fight song and alma mater, the Bearcats added new flavor to the chaotic locker room victory scene.
walter stewart.jpeg
They added "Get The Dub."

After each of their wins, especially the last three, while in the locker room, they've sang along to the rap song created by junior Walter Stewart. Stewart recorded "Get the Dub" on his iPod this summer and as he played it during training camp and around the facilities it caught on around his teammates.

"Originally, I made it, really, it's about video games," Stewart said. "But after everybody heard it, the whole 'get wins' thing kind of stuck with the team."

Now, it's stuck as the team's unofficial victory theme song. And thanks to the video and Twitter account of Tom Gelehrter, the private celebration is out.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's the locker room scene from the USF win. And here is the song from Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

And who is that in the middle of 70 or so teenagers and 20-somethings pumping his arms up and down like he's auditioning for the latest Snoop Dogg video? Yep, that's Butch Jones.

"The team that works together, celebrates together," Jones said.

As for critiquing the coach's style, Alex Hoffman offered his analysis.

"It's definitely unique," Hoffman said with a laugh.

Dancing with the Stars hasn't called yet. Though, quarterback Zach Collaros thinks he's pinpointed Jones' go-to move.

"You ever seen 'Thriller,' by Michael Jackson? When (Jackson) hits this (move)," Collaros said, stopping to show off the classic zombie hands raising on each side of his head.

Check the 45-second mark to see what Collaros is talking about. And if you don't know, now you know.

As for defending his moves, Jones jokingly passed the buck.

"I just mimic was Zach does," he said.

While the dances are a running joke around the understandably loose locker room these days, Jones' willingness to let go isn't lost on his players. It's been a catalyst in creating the latest layer of camaraderie and chemistry within this group already overflowing with it.

"I have never seen a coach dance like that," Hoffman said. "It really gets the team fired up to show that much emotion."

In the long list of winning seasons, songs occasionally have made their way to the forefront. Whether the original Super Bowl Shuffle of the '85 Bears or across town with Bootsy Collins' Fear the Tiger.

Come to think of it, you can't have a big season around here without a them song.

"Reds Hot," by the 1990 Reds is still a crowd favorite.

Randy Myers: Fashionista.

In the middle of it all is Stewart, who say the song does have lyrics, but the catchy chorus pretty much dominates the celebration.

With all these big wins to add content to his lyrical stylings, the question is will Stewart be breaking out a remix of this song should UC capture a Big East title?

"I don't think so," he said with a smile. "It might just be a one-hit wonder."

Stewart isn't planning any rap career once he's done terrorizing quarterbacks at UC and hopefully beyond. But he can't help but be taken aback about how the song caught fire within the team.

"I didn't think it would affect the team as much as it has," he said. "I think it helps keep us together. That is the main reason I like it."

Jones would sure like to sing it five more times this year. As the wins grow larger and larger, the expectations will rise for the coach to top his previous performances and step his game up to the next level.

For those who hope to be tuning in to @TommyG_Sideline on Twitter during the late afternoon Saturday, well, Jones didn't deny the bar might raise.

"If we keep winning..." he said.

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