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So, if he's ever in Heisman contention, I just provided you with your marketing website.

You're welcome.

It wouldn't be the first idea taken from me without recognition/compensation, nor will it be the last.

Just like the seemingly devastating injury to Zach Collaros isn't the first in UC athletics or the last.

History proves otherwise and Dan Hoard, Bill Koch and others have documented the past incidents pretty thoroughly in the past week.

What happened to Collaros against Louisville is why you often see five or six guys in different colored jerseys at spring and preseason practices. A team only needs one quarterback on the field, but several are vital to the operation.

As far removed as a guy can look, he's always a tear or break away from moving up the football flinging food chain.

In recent memory, you can look no further than Tony Pike, who greyshirted, redshirted and then seemingly was relegated to clipboard duty for life.

In his junior year, he was nearly told to "go on about his life's work" as Brian Kelly wasn't impressed with his work ethic.

Then, he went from the guy that smuggled Skittles into his quarterback pouch at practice, to a viable replacement, to THE guy in a span of less than two years.

Opportunity often brings maturation.

Others off the top of my head that have stepped up (some of these may be dated as some of you were in preschool when I was walking the sidelines):
  • 1) Eric Vibberts stepping in for an ineffective and injured Todd Preston.
  • 2) Chad Plummer running crazy when Vibberts faltered.
  • 3) Part-time basketball player Brent Petrus going deep when Plummer and Vibberts struggled.
  • 4) Deontey Kenner showing he was more than a holder in the Humanitarian Bowl.
  • 5) Adam Hoover in relief of an injured Deontey Kenner.
  • 6) Gino Guidugli stepping in with the best freshman debut ever when Adam Hoover was injured at Army in the second game of the season.
  • 7) George Murray nearly coming back to beat East Carolina (before he went to wide receiver) as Guidugli was injured.
  • 8) Guidugli stepping up for himself by recovering from a broken hand in less than a month to be MVP of the Fort Worth Bowl.
  • 9) The legendary replacement of Dustin Grutza with Nick Davila to beat No. 7 Rutgers in 2006.
  • 10) Grutza in relief of Ben Mauk in several games in 2007.
  • 11) Mauk, like Guidugli in 2004, overcoming considerable pain and doubt to be MVP of the Papajohns.com Bowl in Birmingham.
  • 12) Tony Pike, in relief of Dustin Grutza after the broken leg at Oklahoma 2008.
  • 13) Zach Collaros sealing the win in Akron in 2008 after Pike's injury.
  • 14) Chazz Anderson starting against Rutgers in 2008 over Collaros.
  • 15) Dustin Grutza, back miraculously quick to come in for a reinjured Tony Pike at Hawaii.
  • 16) Zach Collaros again in for Pike with the memorable 75-yard run against USF in 2009 and his string of impressive statistical games.

Which brings us back to Munchie Legaux, who now is in the limelight.

While his passing at times left much to be desired, it didn't look like he had the full playbook at his disposal.  When he ran, I think you saw another dimension.  The last Bearcat quarterback, outside of Pike, with long strides like that was Chad Plummer who often turned five-yard losses into 20-yard gains in the mid 90s.

Once he was beyond the opening jitters, I think Legaux showed a lot of Cajun (fill in your favorite slang term for intestinal fortitude) by leading the Bearcats back and nearly pulling the game off.

Personally, once he hit Adrien Robinson at the 20 for a first down, I wish he had been given an opportunity to go to the endzone.

Sadly, that's another meeting/decision where my input wasn't asked. 

Still, Legaux showed me a lot in the West Virginia loss as I was kind of in the corner of Georgia Tech transfer Jordan Luallen.  For that matter, Luallen still can help on short downs and I think Brendon Kay has more to offer than just miming plays in.

But, Munchie's the guy and that's good.  At worst, you get a glimpse at next year's quarterback and you have a marketable entity for your next batch of bookstore jerseys.

At best, the Creole 'Cat jazzes things up and you've got a nice story to take to another BCS bowl game.

Your next story then would be the quarterback controversy as I wouldn't be shocked to see Collaros available and willing to play come bowl time.

Never a dull moment behind center....

Now, to relive one of the finer games in Bearcat history (where Jim Kelly did his Meg Ryan impression on radio after Ryan Manalac's game-saving interception) here you go:

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Munchie is a joke. He is nothing more than a swamp rat thug who is bound to choke. I'm giving it 6 quarters til Jones pulls him for Luallen.