Q & A with starting guard Kayla Cook

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I was able to catch sophomore guard Kayla Cook after her workout and chat with her for a little while. Below are some of the talking points we discussed.

Q: Why number 10?

KC: "I was number 30 in high school and number 12 in AAU. I'm an even number person, so coming in, 10 just seemed like it was an in-between number. I just picked 10 and I'm really glad I picked it, I like this number now."

Q: What's your favorite: the white, the black, or the red uniforms?

KC: "I like the red jerseys. I just think we look sharp in them and I just really enjoy wearing them. It's the ring of red game and that's a really cool game to play in."

Q: Would you rather hit the winning shot or create the winning shot with an assist?

KC: "Create the winning shot. When you create the winning shot you're setting your teammate up and your team to win. Yeah, it's great to hit the game winning shot, but I would just rather have the assist."

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

KC: "I listen to the same song over and over now. Last year I had a song and this year I have a new song. The song is "Doing It Wrong" by Drake. I listen to it before every game."

Q: What's your favorite basketball movie?

KC: "Love and Basketball. I just like the romance part and how they fell in love through basketball."

Q: Who is your toughest opponent?

KC: "I feel like Notre Dame is going to be our toughest opponent. Don't get me wrong everybody in our conference is going to be good and even out of conference, but the toughest opponent that we are really looking forward to play is Notre Dame. We look forward to those games."

Q: What characteristic do you think a Bearcat must have?

KC: "I feel like to be a Bearcat here you have to have the competitiveness and be able to compete and play hard for 40 minutes. You have to be mentally and physically focused all the time. Coach is the type of person who is going to drive you, so you have to give the energy back to her."

Q: If you had a winning celebration or dance what would it be?

KC: "I guess just being in the huddle with my team. You know, us getting together and high-fiving and pushing each other around would be it because basketball is a team sport and I look at it as I'm losing and winning with my team. Just being around my team and just being hyped through that."

Q: What's the best thing about being a Bearcat?

KC: "Just the atmosphere and being around here. Just being around coaches and my teammates and just being able to play ball. It's just a great atmosphere and we're a family, so it's just great to have the connection that I do with my team."   

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