The first ever Inside the Bearcats Podcast

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This post represents a new age of the Bearcats Blog -- this is the first of what hopefully will be many podcasts on the blog.

And for the first go-round, I spoke with the voice of the Bearcats, Dan Hoard, about a wide range of topics. I will only warn you that it may be difficult to tell who is the pro at talk radio and who is the amateur.

Plus, it only took 15 minutes into the podcast's career for the first technical malfunction! So, for those of you in the most pathetic betting pool in history that had the over of nine minutes, thank you for your confidence and I hope it was lucrative.

Needless to say, there were some bugs to be worked out among the program, but luckily when you have Mr. Hoard on the other end, the conversation is worth listening to.

As for the topics, here's a rundown of what happened so you can move forward to whatever it is your want to hear. Though, I will say, if you skip any of it I won't be mad, just disappointed.

Minutes 0-2:
General rambling, setting up what the heck this thing is and the current scenario of the UC season.

2-4: Dan Hoard joins and we discuss the possibly disease-causing decisions made following the 2008 Orange Bowl clincher at Nippert.

4-6: Handling Thursday's game as a coach/player.

6-9:30: This year's senior class...the best in UC history?

9:30-13:45: NFL potential of JK Schaffer and why he's been so important to the development of this program.

Butch Jones coaching rumors and the positive effect of Whit Babcock.

19-25:30: We rank our favorite Isaiah Pead moments and make obscure references to old Olympic high jumpers and pole vaulters.

25:30-close: Discussion about the special features that will be available when we re-release the entire first season of the podcast once it becomes an international sensation five years down the road.

Again, can't thank Dan enough for joining me on the podcast. Look for another edition discussing Bowl games and the Crosstown Shootout next week.

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