Watch out where the Huskies go

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I don't think "yellow snow" is in the forecast, but obviously the Bearcats best watch out where the Huskies go Dec. 3 at Nippert Stadium.

Yes, the friendly confines of Nippert Stadium.

A noon kick-off is still not conducive to the total atmosphere (night games at "The Nipp" are ideal) but it's a lot better fan experience than the spaceship we've tried to fill downtown for a couple of key conference games.

Nippert isn't ideal, but it's ours.

Used correctly, it can be very effective and intimidating. It's exactly the venue needed for a key game like this one against Connecticut.

Of course, the Big East may or may not be up for grabs by gametime (depending on the South Florida/West Virginia game) but if you survey most diehard UC fans, you'll find the fans like intimate horseshoe compared to the nosebleed NFL seats surrounded by corporate wine and cheese suites.

REAL fans sit outside and see their breath and live and die on every down.  Those that have sweaters tied around their necks eating food on toothpicks and glancing at TVs in a "gladhand" box are merely there to be seen or heard.

UC needs fans that the players can hear.

If this were RIverbend, the Bearcats need the loud and faithful in the lawn.  They appreciate those who cough up the coin for the select "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket" premium seats, but they respond to full student sections within an arm's length of the field and supportive patrons that enjoy the economical entertainment of Bearcat football AT NIPPERT.

A win and they're 9-3.  Even at 8-4, it's a huge step from last season.

Are they a BCS bowl team?

Honestly, without Zach Collaros, that's a stretch.

But, as long as you have a chance you should put your best foot forward and play all the cards in your deck.

Beating Syracuse on the road 30-13 is impressive.  Heck, any Big East road win is impressive.

Now, there's the Huskies who dismantled Rutgers, the team who dismantled UC Nov. 19 in Munchie Legaux's debut.

Connecticut also pounded the Bearcats 38-17 last year, beat them 40-16 in the Orange Bowl year and gave them all they could handle in the Sugar Bowl year as UC escaped, 47-45.
If you want to throw basketball in the mix, the Huskies beat UC twice in the final two months of the season last winter, the second ending the Bearcats' run in the second round of the NCAA.

So, there's plenty of reasons to hunker down on the Huskies.

Defensively, the Bearcats have played better the last two times out and this is another team that has high scoring potential.

Connecticut has a throwing quarterback and a running quarterback, similar to UC's strategy.
Hopefully, what UC has seen in practice all year will pay off here.

Saturday's game is also the final game at Nippert for a number of seniors.  They all have had significant contributions in one way or another, but if I had to pick out a handful that Bearcat fans will remember I'd go with (numerically) DJ Woods, Zach Collaros, Isaiah Pead, JK Schaffer and Derek Wolfe.

Those five could've played on any Bearcat team of any era and stood out.

May they go out strong and then even stronger in whatever bowl game lies ahead.

As for the bowl, wherever and however, what say we win this time?

South Beach and Bourbon Street are nice, but all drinks are sour after a loss. Not many schools can end a season with a win, but it seems like an eternity since Ben Mauk lit up Southern Miss in the Bowl in Birmingham in 2007.

In the Orange Bowl, I felt good when Tony Pike hit Mardy Gilyard for a touchdown early, but that was unfortunately that against Virginia Tech.

The Sugar Bowl left a lot to be desired on a lot of levels.

After a rough November, I'm looking forward to a strong game against Connecticut and full-bore, focused effort to win a bowl game.

By the way, the title of this column is from an  old Frank Zappa song.  Turns out, Frank played at the University of Cincinnati's Armory Fieldhouse Sept. 30,1978.  I was a year away from starting college at that point.  If you were there, perhaps you heard this:

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