Collaros appears to be a "go"

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After stopping by UC bowl practice today (Tuesday, Dec. 20) all indications are that Zach Collaros will be good to go in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. (See accompanying video.)

If anything, UC now has three healthy quarterbacks with considerable experience with Collaros and Munchie Legaux sharing the bulk of the reps in practice, along with Jordan Louallen.

Granted, Collaros hasn't gone full game speed yet and has yet to take a hit, but keep in mind he's a fan of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who's as tough as they come. (Sure, it may pain some Bearcat fans that I reference a Miami quarterback, but I witnessed "Big Ben" at field level go 3-0 against UC.)

If given the green light, Collaros clearly is the best passing option, particularly on deep throws. 

Plus, he's a competitor.

There's no way Zach Collaros wants to go out with his career ending at the opposing goal line during a loss at a rented pro venue.  Sure, he can't play one more at "The Nipp", but when the lights go on at the Liberty Bowl stadium in Memphis, my money says he makes plays.

As mentioned before, UC's had injured quarterbacks make miraculous gameday recoveries before at bowl games (Gino Guidugli-Fort Worth Bowl, Ben Bowl).

Another twist, might be what if the Bearcats played all three?

In UC's first bowl game in 50 years in Boise in 1997, little-used freshman Deontey Kenner made his debut behind center as starter Chad Plummer played some receiver.  Seeing as Kenner had only been the holder for the bulk of the year, it was an element of surprise.

Keep in mind, I SAW NONE OF THIS IN PRACTICE, but what if Collaros and Legaux lined up in the same formation?  And, what if you threw in the "Bearcat/Wildcat" option of Louallen?

That's multiple things for Vanderbilt to prepare for.

However it plays out, I'm glad Collaros gets one more crack at it.  UC is clearly a better team with him and may well have made a BCS bowl without the injury.

I know from speaking with him that Zach's not much of an Elvis fan, but I hope he succeeds and someone gets him an Elvis Memphis Mafia "TCB" symbol with the lightning bolt (Taking Care of Business).

Not often in life are we allowed to rewrite our own endings.

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