Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt!

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So the Big East title didn't come with all the trimmings for this Christmas but we did get a bowl bid and one that should be encouraging to Bearcat fans. With Bowls in Miami, New Orleans and even Texas, the expense may have forced some faithful to decline the expenditure in this economy. But the Liberty Bowl is very doable in terms of cost, travel and support.

Think about it; it's an 8 hour drive and you can weave so much more into the trip like the Civil Rights Museum, Stax Records Museum and a wealth of Southern Cuisine second to none. The fact you can drive eliminates the fear some still have after 911 and you can car pool and share the expense. In this economy having a bowl game you can actually afford to attend should be encouraging and a message to the kids and coach Butch Jones that you appreciate the season they had after rebounding from a disappointing season a year ago. And what a great recovery after the loss of senior quarterback Zach Colloras to still be within a South Florida fumble of a BCS game when many thought they were done. 

Now yet again people are looking at another UC coach, Jones, to restore their programs credibility with its boosters and fans. Your message, good or bad, will be heard December 31st as Bearcats square off against Vanderbilt. Coach Jones will look up in the stands, having been given a number of tickets sold prior to the game, plus what he ultimately sees and determine how much support he has and that may weigh into his decision to stay or go. 

If you're tired of coaches leaving; schools plucking away our great hires and talented kids going elsewhere because on senior day (and a must win scenario), they look up and see a less than sold out stadium then do something about it. Make the trip to Memphis, even if it's with a group, and support these kids who are proud to represent the C-Paw that you claim you rep as well.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat...

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