New Year, New U

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It was a great year in review as the UC basketball team not only returned to the NCAA March Madness party but UC football shared a Big East Title and is ending the year at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. The University installed a new President, Dr. Gregory Williams and hired a new athletic director, Whit Babcok who is very accessible and engaging; and despite the challenges with the Crosstown Shootout, life lessons were learned when the consequences accompanied the actions. Other UC sports like Volleyball made noise and entered their version of the NCAA tournament as well and the women's basketball program is still growing, little by little which is how you build a program not a season. Kudos to all the coaches in swimming, golf, track and field and more.

So it's a new year and but will it be a new you? Will you, not the already staunch supporters of UC sports, show up this year? UC finally gets back in the NCAA dance and you don't show up this season after you said "I won't go until they get back to the NCAA..." The football team rebounds from a bowl-less season to play for a share of the Big East title and a BCS bid, one play from winning the tie-breaker yet the smaller stadium is not filled to the brim with Bearcat faithful. The Volleyball team is a perennial winner and could use more fans as could the women's basketball team.

If money is the issue, women's hoops and volleyball you can afford; if you have limited money football and basketball on campus is cost effective; and if you're a self proclaimed UC fan you can do them all or, like a boxer, a solid combination of two. But do something!

I hear all the time that we are a sports town but with the Bengals fighting for a playoff spot with an over achieving team, I don't see it. Don't say it's the economy because when you walk by the Apple Store or drive past Kenwood Mall, the argument ends.

I need to attend more games so I will jump to the front of the line. I promised to attend a volleyball game and didn't. So I need to up my game as I'm challenging the UC alums around the region to do the same. 

So with a New Year comes a new U and a new me; I have to do better. Happy Holidays and lets fill up more seats than ever in '12 and prove Cincinnati is a sports town and make exhibit A attendance at UC sports.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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