Yancy Is Not To Blame...

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But he and everyone else involved have to accept responsibility for their actions. Now that being said I waited a day before I would weigh in, in my official capacity as a featured blogger for the University of Cincinnati athletic department. I remember when my father came home and the house wasn't clean and we started blaming each other; he always said "There's enough blame to go around." And that's what we have here and I'll leave it at that. 

This isn't the first time a fight or punches were thrown in the history of this game and anyone who really claims to know this rivalry conveniently forget to mention it. I heard, saw and sampled so much overreaction immediately after the game, I got tired of the subject and took long breaks between conversations for that very reason.

Reality check! Every game between rivals has episodes where things get out of hand and you have to deal with it accordingly and move on! Head Coach Mick Cronin, Athletic Director Whitt Babcock, and yes President Greg Williams moved swiftly to reiterate the values of the University and the responsibility of student athletes that wear the prestigious C-Paw. They vowed to handle it so let them; the respective conferences said they would react with punishment accordingly, let them; and the officials are going be reviewed so we await that report as well. What we haven't done is evaluate ourselves and how we throw blame around like snowballs in the winter time with no regard to our target.

I am done with the game but not the rivalry; I am done with trash talking but not having confidence; and I am done with blind reaction but not honesty. Everyone knows Yancy Gates wasn't the only who threw a punch but, because people aren't happy with his play they want to punish him above and beyond everyone else involved. I have yet to hear anyone talk about the other (cheap) or intended punches that may have landed even better, but hit someone in a place where blood doesn't reveal the evidence yet were just as damaging. I have yet to hear someone say that anyone else is a coward because they threw a punch and backed up as to not be hit back, so why just Yancy? I readily admit I think he should be doing more on the court but isn't it safe to say so should everyone else on UC's team?

I am not hear to uphold Gates or any other player involved, but I am here to be my father and say there's enough blame to go around and it has nothing to do with how you played, but more so how you react in the heat of the moment. I start with me as I did the very thing I'm writing about; therefore I admit guilt in jumping to some conclusion with the officials not calling a technical foul at the end of the game when a Xavier player was clearly and unapologetically taunting UC's bench. I am now going to wait and see what their superiors say which is the right thing to do.

Anything you overreacted to you can admit? The healing process includes you too.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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Yancy should be thrown of the team and thrown in jail for a few days. More serious action needs to be taken for these sort of brawls. Prove a point by charging with assualt and let him sit in jail and think about his actions for a while.

Really?...Yancy is nothing more than another THUG punk Cincinnati continues to recruit...it was that way under Huggins and everyone turned a blind eye, it still continues. You can't take a Black Gang Thug and turn them into anything more than they are...A BLACK UNEDUCATED THUG!

You are an idiot. Yancy gates should be charged with assault. He is a thug