Bearcats Breakfast 1.12.12

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Not a ton of stuff here in the Breakfast this morning, only because I'll have more this afternoon after the UC media availability at 2:30 p.m.

Plus, I just bought the new iPhone, so I have a lot of playing around to do. In fact, I'm just hoping all my productivity isn't lost for the next months while I Shazamm every song that comes into my life. Thanks to all the Twitter folks who helped me with the iPhone/Droid decision yesterday, the thoughts came in handy toward drawing me over to the dark side of Apple.

Anyway, got a few storylines in my head for today's media session, but mostly talking to Sean Kilpatrick about offense and the 3-pointer vs. driving philosophy. The guy is one of the most prolific scorers in the conference right now and I find the method to his scoring madness so interesting. His reliance on the 3-pointer increased dramatically, but he's always considered himself a drive for contact type. The battle between fire from deep and play to attack must play into his head every day. It certainly did for the entire team against GT when they only shot 13 3-pointers.

So, I'll analyze that.

Also, looking to discuss the new world order of the Big East. I will attempt to do so without mentioning Razor Ramon, but will likely fail.

Let's eat...

--- Seriously, what is going on in this conference? Pitt lost to Rutgers last night, 62-39, and didn't score more than 20 points in a half. I think the Panthers have officially gone down the Big East slide "Christmas Story" style and Rutgers was the foot of Santa. They aren't coming back, folks.

--- Rich Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal
briefly touched the topic of the upside-down Big East with UC flipped to the top. In case you missed it yesterday, I broke down the teams to look at why the argument can be made for the Cats as the second-best team in the conference.

--- Stand by Syracuse making a run at 18-0 in conference. Think they go 16-, but they definitely have as good a chance as anybody to pull it off.

UC probably has as good a chance as anybody to take the Orange down. It will take a team that get hot from the outside to frustrate their zone and can ride a home crowd to the win. Jan. 23: Not sayin', just sayin'.

While on that topic, student tickets for that game are already sold out. Presumably, everyone with one of those tickets will be hauling in a Big Head as part of the Big Monday Big Head Initiative. If you aren't sure how to go about it, contact @JFreeman83 on Twitter, he'll steer you in the right direction.

--- More on that topic,
UC is hosting a Happy Hour of ticket deals tonight from 5-9 p.m. with Mick Cronin even manning some of the phone lines.

People, not to go all used car salesman here, but these deals are absurd. Two tickets to ESPN games, including Big Monday vs. No. 1 Syracuse for $24? Is this real? Check out the menu of options.
--- First things first, Saturday's doubleheader will be a Ring of Red game. The Ring of Red shirts are in. I've always wanted to be cool enough to wear a shirt with a hashtag on it. #Anniesmove #CommunityInsideJoke

The shirts are free for all the students.
Regardless, wear red on Saturday, people.

--- Bill Koch touching on a
topic that deserves to be talked about: Whit Babcock is everywhere. Know that face, guys and gals, you never know where he'll turn up. Babcock is as hands on an AD as I've ever come across. Hard not to like the approach.

--- Mike DeCourcy with his mid-season awards, nothing for UC, but an interesting read, of course, from the Hall of Famer.

--- People want to talk about how UC's win at Pitt is diminished now. Fine, but did you know 19 percent of college basketball hasn't won a road game yet this year?

--- Dana O'Neil. Nobody better.
This time on the unassuming, jovial Cody Zeller of Indiana.

--- UC football added a home-and-home with Toledo. They will play Oct. 20 at the Glass Bowl, then at Nippert in 2014. The home-and-home is the interesting part of the announcement. Not many BCS-conference teams play on the road in the MAC.

In fact, last year, here are all the BCS teams that played inside a MAC stadium.

Penn State 14, @Temple 10
UC 27, @Miami 0
UConn 17, @Buffalo 3
@Ball State 27, Indiana 20

There are 13 teams in the MAC, and only four games were played with BCS squads visiting their home stadium. One of those was UC's long-running Battle for the Victory Bell series with Miami.

Penn State at Temple was played at The Link in Philly where tons of PSU fans could gather on top of the home Owls fan base.

Indiana played BSU at Lucas Field, which while technically a home game for Ball St., allowed a ton of IU folks to come.

That really only leaves on true home game and that's UConn going to Buffalo.

Not saying this won't be a nice series, but going on the road against teams you should beat becomes almost a lose-lose. You'll never get the credit you deserve for beating a MAC team, no matter how good they are. But, you got to commend Butch Jones for not shying away from going to the other team's house just because of the perception.

Of course, I'm sure Toledo wishes they would have WR Eric Page for that game next year. Instead, he's going pro.

--- 30 Rock returns tonight. They've had some ups and downs in recent seasons, but Jack Donaghy still brings it. Here's his guide to manipulation. More on the blog this afternoon.

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Gotta tell you - in the 15 years I've lived up here in NW Ohio, I've seen way too many teams that shouldn't have, lose in the Glass Bowl. I will be there cheering our 'Cats to victory. There is just no reason for us to take Toledo lightly...