Bearcats Breakfast 1.18.12

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Bearcats at No. 11/13 UConn tonight, 7 p.m., ESPN2. Big. Game.

I posted a new podcast last night. Dan Hoard returned for his second stint Inside the Bearcats. It was really great stuff, as usual. I highly recommend a listen. We even break into about 10 minutes of Bengals talk for those of you interested where Dan tells why he was looking to high-5 all the players after their 34-3 loss to Detroit in the preseason.

Anyway, I shouldn't have to beg you to listen, just go do it.

Also, Dan just posted a blog on the improved play of JaQuon Parker and the magic broomstick here.

Let's eat...

--- Sad to see volleyball coach Reed Sunahara resigned. He did wonders for the volleyball program and the university. I didn't have time to do many stories talking to Reed, but he always seemed like a great guy. There was no denying what he did with the volleyball program, though.

Two Big East conference titles, 2011 Big East tourney crown, three C-USA regular season titles and they've won 20 or more matches in 11 of 12 seasons.

He spent 12 years as the volleyball coach at UC and he left some huge shoes to fill, but a program as prepared as any time in its history to fill them.

Best of luck to him.

--- Also, some quick football stuff before talking more about tonight's game. Andrea Adelson conducted a Q and A with Butch Jones as he puts a bow on 2011 and looks toward 2012. It's a two-parter. Here's Part I and here's Part II.

--- Andrea also took a look at where Derek Wolfe will fit on the next level. Steve Muench of Scouts,Inc. called Wolfe a fringe second-round pick and pegs New England as a nice fit because of their hybrid 3-4, 4-3 attack.

ESPN has him ranked as the No. 76 overall prospect, which places him as a third-round guy.

We'll see, but those are some nice projections and the highest I have seen. Let's hope that happens for DWolfe.

--- I'm completely two days late on this, but Ralph David Abernathy IV talked about his grandfather's best friend, Martin Luther King and what returning that kick in Memphis meant to him.

--- Pat Forde touches on the UC-XU responses to the brawl in his debut of Forde Minutes. Quality lead-in to that about the irresponsible behavior of some coaches lately and the mixed message it sends to student-athletes.

--- The Hartford Courant takes a profile look at Mick Cronin and the job he's done since the brawl.

--- They also look at how UConn approaches this game without guard Ryan Boatright.

Some great points here. The Huskies have been turnover prone in their two losses at Rutgers and Seton Hall.

Opp          TO (Napier TOs)
Seton Hall 13 (5)
Rutgers     20 (4)
WVU        12 (4)
ND            10 (1)

Without Boatright, their backup point guard, increased pressure will come on Shabazz Napier to be on the floor. He played all 40 minutes against Notre Dame. If UC can attack Napier and get him in foul trouble, Connecticut could have a world of trouble handling UC's pressure.

Also, Andre Drummond proved himself to be susceptible to turning the ball over. In the loss to Rutgers he gave it away seven times. Yancy Gates has been great lately at getting his hands on the ball in the post and disrupting any flow on the interior. If he can frustrate Drummond with his defense, it could be the key to a win.

--- Cashmere Wright in
the 62-second drill. Hilarious. And, by the way, if you see a giraffe running around Clifton let Cash know he needs to do a better job containing his pets.

--- Bill Koch and Mick talked extensively
about Cheikh Mbodj and how the injury is hindering his first year at UC. Worth a read.

--- UC going for its seventh consecutive Big East road win tonight. Still can't believe it when I type it.

--- I'm breaking out the old Stats for Victory today, but I only need two.

If UC wins you will see 20+ points off turnovers.

If UC wins you will see more free throws shot than 3-pointers.

Enjoy the game tonight.


--- Judd Apatow is making a Knocked up knock off following Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters a few years down the road. Big Paul Rudd fan, so I'm interested.

--- Betty White as
a dating icon. I'm uncomfortable with this line of thought.

--- Everybody has to support an
d watch my guy Rich Linville, aka Scoreboard Rich, as he takes on the toughest baseball history questions in MLB Network's Baseball IQ show.

--- In honor of UC's six-game
Big East road winning streak on the line tonight, it's an ode to the original WWF Road Warriors. Wwwwwwwhhhhat a Rush!

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