Bearcats Breakfast 1.6.12

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Last night I engaged in a Twitter discussion. Very rarely is that sentence followed by anything productive, but today may be the exception.

BigHeads.jpgDuring the pregame of the Notre Dame game, I mentioned the full student section but lack of big heads, that have become so much a part of the college basketball atmosphere these days.

One UC fan let me know they had a lovely purple Brian Kelly face the ND folks watching at home would surely enjoy.

Then, I ended up talking with @JFreeman83 last night about a project he said he was brainstorming about for Big Heads for the Big Monday game against Syracuse. I like this. Not to be a follower because this is going on everywhere, but the section needs some personality and giant heads seems like a step in the right direction.

So, I asked Twitter for suggestions and, as is seemingly always the case with the medium that changed the game of procrastination forever, people responded.

I plead to the students that read the blog to take these ideas and run with them...directly to Kinkos, or wherever the heck you guys go to make those things. From what I gathered last night, the student section would essentially be a sea of the Cuse Hall of Shame. And Fabio. And Pee Wee Herman.

The obvious suggestion I received was Bernie Fine. Two things on that: 1) Too soon, 2) Big Heads aren't meant to be inappropriate, as this one definitely is, they are meant to be subtle, ridiculous and humorous.

That said, if you insisted on going that direction, JFreeman was suggesting photos of all-time famous Bernies. Kosar, Madoff, Weekend at Bernies Bernie, etc. I'm not saying this should happen or would be politically correct, but will only point out that is more the direction we are looking for here rather than the obvious.

Here's the list of suggestions I would condone:

Keith Smart (If you're too young, watch this)
Greg Robinson (the face of futility and despair)
Greg Paulus (the other face of futility and despair)
Eric Devendorf (walking, talking human garbage in the eyes of Cuse fans)
Lisa Lampanelli (Got to be the most embarrassing famous Cuse grad)
Isaiah Pead, w/high fade haircurt, please (246 yards of total offense anyone?)
Connor Barwin w/stache (Because CB is fantastic and the stache so strong)
Leo Rautins (spray tans with Syracuse connections equal laughs)
Any random D-list celebrity (I received tons of these. Pick anybody)

The face is now in your court, folks. Expectations are high to add some spice to the student section.

You students are supposed to be the forward thinkers and creative minds of future generations. (Cue inspirational horn accompaniment) Start today. One Big Head at a time.

Let's eat...

--- At Mick Cronin's press availability
yesterday (full video here) he talked about keeping his team hungry. An easy way to do that is keep them out of the Top 25. They haven't handled it well the last few years and clearly play better with a chip on their shoulder.

"Don't vote for Cincinnati," he said. Bill Koch posted a blog about it.

Cronin admitted later to be joking, but keeping his team's focused mojo going was not a laughing matter. There will be lulls maneuvering through the 18-game conference grind. Right now, he pointed out, UC is making a lot of mistakes, only covering them up with hustle. Against the best teams, hustle will only do so much. The mistakes need to stop.

Keeping his team realizing they haven't arrived yet and drowning out those telling them how great they are is part of the motivational game you play with 21-year-old kids.

This group is constructed much different from last year's. That's been part of the issue with developing toughness through the disastrous first eight games of the season.

"Part of growing as a team is me learning how to push the right buttons on a team," Cronin said. "Last year I had a veteran group and they played hard. I didn't really have to worry about it. This year I've had to focus more on making sure we are playing really hard. Make it a habit for them. Whatever it is, you got to keep these guys having fun, you got to keep the mojo going."

The seniors last year did so much to keep the train moving last year, particularly Spidey Tights himself, Larry Davis. As those who read this blog know, he was one of my favorites. He was a favorite of Cronin, as well.

"I didn't have to worry about firing a team up when I had Larry Davis -- not the coach, the player. He could fire a dead man up. Some of our veteran guys, that was my problem, getting those guys fired up all the time. We changed the way we practice. Every drill we do I do even teams, we keep changing it up. There's a winner and a loser."

--- Watch Bearcats Sports Weekly with Mick Cronin. Seriously, do it. You're just killing time anyway.

--- St. John's comes to town looking for any type of offense. They are 207th in field goal percentage and 311th in assists. The way UC is playing defense right now, teams that don't pass or shoot it well on the road get gobbled up whole.

Louisville is as close to a replica of UC going right now and the Johnnies at one point missed 25 of 26 shots against them in a home loss.

The St. Susanna fourth graders that played at halftime Wednesday hit more shots.

Bearcats Blog had an email conversation with Rumble in the Garden, a STJ blog. They talked about all those offensive woes and, of course, The OC. By the way, I concur on Misha Barton.

--- Jeff Borzello at CBSSports points
out St. John's may struggle this year, but their program isn't the house of cards it appears.

--- I know I talked yesterday about the early season road woes Big East teams experience. It led to a point about how remarkable UC's win at Pitt was and how tough it will be for ND and STJ to earn a win in Fifth Third.

Well, Pitt lost at DePaul last night, which proves the BE road theory, but certainly diminishes some of the shine off the win at The Pete.

I'm going to have to write that again to properly wrap my brain around it, Pitt lost to DePaul last night. Actually, this is going to have to be like Bart in the open to The Simpsons.

Pitt lost to DePaul last night.
Pitt lost to DePaul last night.
Pitt lost to DePaul last night.
Pitt lost to DePaul last night.
Pitt lost to DePaul last night.

Still having trouble digesting it.

Pitt has now lost four in a row for the first time under Jamie Dixon. Give some credit to the Blue Demons, though, who are now 10-4 and 1-1 in the Big East.

--- Villanova...
.not very good.

--- Xavier is making everyone who sat in the student section for the Crosstown Shootout attend a reflection session.

--- Today is Sean Kilpatrick's birthday. He's a great basketball player, but he's an even better kid. Here's a link to Kilpatrick cracking his teammates up in the locker room doing an impression of asst. Larry Davis prior to the tournament game last year.

--- Andrea Adelson wrote a piece on the UC seniors proving her wrong this year.

--- Next step for those seniors is Senior Bowl for Isaiah Pead and a number of others will join him at the combine in Indy soon after. The official list of invitees to the combine should be out in the near future.

--- Randomness...

--- The Bengals playoff win drought can legally buy beer today.

--- The next 1 for 26 scoring drought
for St. John's, they should attempt Louisiana-Lafayette's effective method of playing six guys at once. Would certainly free up some open looks.

--- Wall Street Journal with a humorous look at all of you heading back to the gym for your NYE resolution. "Beware a hip gym with a Wilco step class."

--- Charles Barkley not exactly the perfect spokesman for Weight Watchers.

--- If you are going to go on national tv and pick a school, tell your mama first. There are going to be some cold dinners for Landon Collins in the near future.

--- I'm Ron Burgundy?

--- In honor of the Bengals last playoff win, I think one of the great jams from 1991 is in order. Makes me want to breakdance in a puddle. Yeah, you may think this song is terrible now, but hey, it's better than The Other Guys.

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