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Sorry, this wasn't posted here earlier, but I just arrived back with my wife and two younger sons on Monday. 

We didn't feel like making the long drive on New Year's Day, so we took a detour in Nashville to watch Mick Cronin's men take it to Pitt.  Just like the Liberty Bowl, it was delightful.

Anyway, in Memphis, I didn't take all of my work gear, so I was limited to posting on Facebook and Twitter.  I did interview Liberty Bowl MVP Isaiah Pead on the field after UC's 31-24 win over Vanderbilt.

If by chance you missed it on either of those outlets, here you go.  I also took some pictures of some of the local high school products at the bowl for the Bearcats, so some of those may appear here if I can figure out how to do it.

I'm getting better at technology, but I have multiple gizmos to deal with these days.

As for the recent events, it certainly was one of the better weekends to be a Bearcat that I can recall.

We drove to Memphis Thursday night and listened to a former UC offensive coordinator's team "Tomahawk Chop" a former UC head coach's squad, followed by the UC basketball team's comeback win over Oklahoma courtesy of XM radio in the first half and Dan Hoard in the second.

Friday, we took the kids to Graceland and Rendezvous and saw the parade on Beale Street.

Saturday, your Bearcats played with a quarterback at less than 100 percent and defeated an SEC team in it's home state.

Sunday, UC beats Pitt in its own gym in a game most had written off.

Other than spending two and a half hours trying to get from the 71/75 split in Northern Kentucky to Anderson Township Monday, I'm a happy dude.

Here's No. 23 for you and hopefully I'll have more.

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