Afternoon snack with the Bearcats

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By Chris Gundrum

Good Afternoon Bearcat fans. Just a few more notes from Signing Day...

--Here are the rankings for the Bearcats recruiting class of 2012 according to the following sites: 33rd 49th 55th

Each of the websites has their own formula for the way they rank the players and recruiting classes as a whole. The only website that I could find a formula for was If you can do simple math it's a pretty easy system to calculate. If you're interested check it out here.

--According to Cincinnati had the 2nd best recruiting class in the BIG EAST. They had West Virginia with the number one recruiting class in the conference. And According to, UC had the 4th ranked recruiting class with Rutgers as having the best class.

As I mentioned earlier this week, take each of these rankings with a grain of salt. But it is interesting to see where others have the Bearcats ranked.

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