Alvey brings fire, family to Bearcats volleyball

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Molly Alvey brings an impressive resume and competitive fire back to familiar territory.

By Chris Gundrum

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CINCINNATI -- The University of Cincinnati has a new volleyball coach.

Molly Alvey, who was the head coach at the University of Houston from 2010 to 2011, takes over as the next head coach of the Bearcats.

"I'm so incredibly excited to be the next head coach at the University of Cincinnati," said Alvey. "What an amazing opportunity to continue doing what I love to do and to do it close to my home."

However, the native of Louisville, Ky., didn't always plan on coaching volleyball.

After earning a degree in economics from Centre College in 2001 and her Masters in International Business Administration at Temple in 2004, Alvey expected to conquer the corporate world.

However, businesses weren't fighting for her services.

"Being a young knucklehead in school I thought I was going to get this great corporate job upon graduation," said Alvey. "Surprisingly enough no one was knocking down my door wanting me to come take that perfect job. So, I kind of took coaching by default."

Although coaching may not have been her first thought as a career, it was certainly on her list.

From 2001-03 Alvey served as a grad assistant at Temple and in 2004 she received her first job as a head coach at the University of Southern Indiana.

Suddenly, the game changed. Alvey realized what she was meant to do.

"I knew I could do it," said Alvey. "It was an obvious next step. But I wasn't convinced until I got to Southern Indiana and kind of had that opportunity to really take over the piece of it together and it was like, 'Wow, I love it.'"

What Alvey said she loves about coaching volleyball is the competitive nature and the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of the student athletes.

"I'm a competitor through and through," said Alvey. "My brain only works in competition and I think I just thrive in that type of atmosphere. I love to win. I love being around young people. I just like the atmosphere college athletics gives and more of the mentoring and education side is something that I think I've developed into being pretty good at."

Now that she is the coach of the Bearcats, Alvey will have the opportunity to mentor young players close to home.

When she first started talking to UC, Alvey had to withhold certain information from traveling down I-71 about where she was interviewing. She didn't want to be persuaded to take the job.

"It's funny, I had to give them limited information as I went through the interview process because I wanted to make sure, more than anything, that it wasn't an emotional decision, it was a right fit," said Alvey. "So they got limited information. Now they won't leave me alone."

Now, not only do the Bearcats have a new coach but it's safe to say they will have a new flock of fans as well.

In fact, Alvey's family can't wait to get their hands on some Bearcats' merchandise.

"T-shirts," said Alvey. "I don't know if I got a 'congratulations,' it was, 'Hey, can we get some t-shirts down here?"

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