Bearcats Breakfast 2.23.12

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I'm unfortunately on the road this morning and need to keep this brief. Luckily, I can only say there's not much to left say about tonight's game against Louisville. Just a monster game for the Bearcats. A win all but puts them back in The Dance. Barring an epic collapse, they'd find their name on the board Selection Sunday. A loss doesn't bury this team. In that vein, tonight comes as a win-win. With three of the final four games against RPI (ugh) Top 50 teams, the chances to leave an exclamation point are still in front of them.

As I've contended all season, these are two of the most evenly matched teams in the Big East. If the tournament started today, they would be sixth (UC) and seventh (U of L). They own the same conference record. Both experienced peaks and valleys.

The game will be at 9 pm on ESPN. Home court. High stakes. Rivalry. Sure, games get bigger, but not much. You probably shouldn't need me to inform you on the importance of this tilt.

If you are just looking to kill time as you typically due reading the endless minutiae of this blog, read this story by Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel on Mick Cronin and the job he's done since the brawl against Xavier. The plight has been well documented in this space, but after reading this piece, bares saying again - the job Cronin has done this year should be regarded among the finest in his career. And the finest among anybody whose coached at UC. No circumstances have been more unique nor challenging. As Mick likes to say, period, end of story.

See you tonight at Fifth Third. Buckle up.

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