Bearcats Breakfast 2.28.12

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I didn't watch the Daytona 500 last night because I'd rather drink motor oil and listen to Coldplay than spend six hours watching cars circle, but couldn't help check the highlights of the fireball Juan Pablo Montoya ignited on the jet dryer.

In what other sport can a giant fireball even be an option? I think we may need to add this to some of the slower sports to spice up the action. Leave one exploding tank just out of bounds every third fairway on the PGA Tour. Possibly a linesman touting a Bunson Burner in tennis. Every time a player makes a move in chess, he fires off a pyrotechnic behind him.

I think we're on to something here. Luckily, everyone is safe. I did love Montoya when asked about talking to the guy in the jet dryer truck after: "He was OK. He just looks pretty scared."

You think?

Let's eat...
--- Student tickets are officially sold out for Wednesday night against Marquette. Student section overflow tickets are available until 5 p.m. or when they run out today for $10. Sounds like we are in for another electric atmosphere much like the one last Thursday against Louisville.

--- Chad Brendel with
a strong column on what 13,176 means and why last Thursday might have been about more than a number, rather, a program that turned the corner.

Also, he points out that was only the fifth sellout in the Mick Cronin era. That's a crazy number to think about.

--- UC holding its media availability with seniors Yancy Gates and Dion Dixon this afternoon. I'll be there, look for more on those two and the long journey from high school phenom to UC senior for Gates.

As always, follow me on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr) for live updates of any interesting news/quotes to come out of this afternoon's press conference. If you have any questions you'd like answered, send me an email (

--- Jason Lisk of The Big Lead with an in-depth analysis of the current bubble. UC is on it along with a group of about 20 or so teams vying for 10 or so spots.

--- You frustrated with UC 3-point shooting? Notre Dame is 7 of 47 from deep the last two games.

--- Question of the week:
How can UC flip the script from the blowout loss in Milwaukee? How realistic is the concept?

I decided to take a look at the ranked teams which played somebody twice and how many flipped the result from one side to another -- particularly when blowouts were involved.

Matchup                   Game 1        Game 2         Diff    Flip
Marquette-Nova     82-78 @MU    81-77 MU       0      No
Syr-Providence      87-73 SU       78-55 @SU     9       No
Syr-UConn            85-67 @SU   71-69 SU        16      No
GT-Providence       49-40 @GT    63-53 GT         1      No
GT-St. John's        69-49 GT       71-61 @GT      10     No
ND-WVU              55-51 ND       71-44 @ND      23    No
ND-Rutgers          65-58 @RU    71-53 @ND     25     Yes
ND-UConn            67-53 UC       50-48 ND         16    Yes
UL-Pitt                 73-62 UL        57-54 @UL       8     No
UL-DePaul            76-59 @UL    90-82 UL          9      No
UC-St. John's        57-55 SJ        76-54 UC       24     Yes
UC-Marquette       95-78 @MU     ???????

--- Interesting to note
that outside of Notre Dame, which seemingly transformed itself after the first four games of the Big East season, no ranked team has had the result flipped on them in the second match with a team.

The point differential has moved slightly at times, but the result always ended up the same. Even further, outside of Notre Dame, only once has the differential been more than 10 points.

It might be time for Mick to put in a call to Mike Brey.

--- In Marquette's only repeat game they played to the exact same four-point win against Villanova.

--- The closest correlation I can find would be Syracuse winning big at home against Connecticut then sneaking away with a two-point win in a rowdy atmosphere in the rematch. Same concept appears to be in play with one of the few true elite teams in the league playing one of the inconsistent middle squads in their gym when they desperately need a victory.

--- UC can only hope to recreate the magic from the second St. John's game where they made all the necessary adjustments to avenge the close loss with a blowout win at MSG.

--- Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News placed UConn, Seton Hall and UC all on the 10-line of his NCAA tournament bracket. The Big East tournament will have more at stake than ever before on Day 1 and 2.

--- Dave Ommen of Beyond the Arc gives UC a 9-seed in Louisville with the possibility of playing Kentucky in Round 2. I can think of some Bearcats fans would jump through the ceiling hearing that setup.
--- Derek Wolfe with a strong combine performance. No, he didn't rep 225 pounds 44 times and run a 4.84 40-yard dash at 346 pounds like Memphis workout warrior Dontari Poe, but he was one of the most consistent of all the defensive lineman.

This Cowboys blog does a great job outlining the targets NFL GMs are looking for in all six events.

Wolfe was one of two defensive lineman to hit all six targets.

DT Targets:    5.15/26/30/8-9/4.55/7.55
Wolfe            5.01/33/33.5/9-0/4.44/7.26

Listen, 295-pound defensive lineman aren't supposed to vertical leap 33.5 inches. Wow. His versatility makes him able to move inside and out, but his body type fits perfectly as a 3-4 defensive end, as this Packers blog points out.

The evaluations of Wolfe are all over the map from as high as second round to as low as undrafted, but his combine performance should prove he's one of the top under-the-radar DL prospects in the draft.

My analysis of Wolfe right now: The Defensive Jason Kelce. Value, productive, instant impact.

--- Randomness...

--- National Lampoon's Vacation is getting a remake. Fine, but if they touch Christmas Vacation I will go to the director's house, duct tape him, kidnap him and bring him to my living room.

--- Remember former Georgetown star Michael Sweetney? I can only assume he spent all his NBA money on White Castles.

--- If you are going to break into a house, you might as well not be wearing any pants.

---- Definitely now place
The Undefeated documentary atop my Netflix cue.

--- This may be the first music video shot by a dog an it's cooler than anything a human has done in years. (Disclaimer: Reportedly, I have not seen a new human-shot video in years)

Johnny Neon 'Hearts' from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.

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