Bearcats must fix mistakes, speed up offense

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By Chris Gundrum

The Bearcats may have lost three in a row, but Mick Cronin isn't ready to push the panic button yet.

His focus, rather, has been on correcting the mistakes his team has made in recent games.

"You can't make the mistakes that we made in our last game and win," said Cronin. "You can't be a good team making that many mistakes because it negates your talent level."

What mistakes is he talking about?

"It could be a defensive breakdown. It could be a lack of communication--not talking on defense," said Cronin. "It's unacceptable. Leaving your feet to pass, could be a bad shot, not block out."

Sean Kilpatrick agrees they're not playing the way that they could and if they don't fix things, it could be a rough ride the rest of the way.

"We haven't been playing to our full potential," said Kilpatrick. "And if we continue to go down this road then it could be a very long season for us."

One way to change the course they're on is to return to playing fast-paced basketball.

That's something Cronin has brought to his players' attention.

"That's what coach talks about," said Kilpatrick. "Just getting back to the way we play, speeding the game up a lot faster. Lately we've been playing slowed down to the competition and with the team that we have, if you can play fast then it would be a lot more points racking up on the scoreboard."

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