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UC basketball once again is answering the question about who they are with a convincing win over St. John's on the road and in what some called a revenge game. Any road win in the Big East is critical especially when you give up one at home. But what made this one more of a statement about their growth is they did have payback on their mind but they won being who they are and cutting down on the mistakes.

I think this team is better than many believe and I hope it stays that way because these are the kind of teams that upset the popular ones. While everyone is enamored with Syracuse, Notre Dame and others UC is working to get better and improve their play and it's showing. While the Marquette game is going to be another big test, I think this team has found and embraced their identity. Many are still doubting and that's perfect; Some are waiting for another loss to say ah ha! I told you so and so be it. But some are going to be surprised when the tournament comes and they win and win again.

So until then don't say anything if you're on board; let me people think what they might and at the end of the season enjoy the growth and success of a team coming into its own and understanding they belong in the mix of teams that have a chance. Isn't that all everybody wants?

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat

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