Bearcats Breakfast 3.26.12

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Can't help but wonder after watching OSU dispose of Syracuse on Saturday if UC didn't lose to the eventual national champion for the second season in a row. (Of course, then you watch UK and realize that's probably not the case)

When Deshaun Thomas plays the type of offense he has this tournament, that team is tough to beat. As Bearcats fans know all too well. Not sure when the last time a team lost to the eventual champs two years in a row would be and I hope none of you are concerned enough that you want me to look it up, but can't believe it happens very often -- particularly to a team playing as well as UC was each of the last two seasons.

Yet, I digress and so should you.

Let's eat...

--- How about the Big East? Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the history of winning the Big East tournament and what that championship means for the Big Dance purposes? Oh, you don't? I'm saddened at your lack of dedication to my blog stats.

Anyway, thanks to Louisville's run, the Big East tournament champ has advanced to the Final Four each of the last three years (WVU, UConn, Louisville). They have advanced to at least the Elite Eight, five of the last six years.

For those who discount the importance of conference tournaments, they can chew on those numbers for a second.

--- Trying to place into perspective the concept of a rivalry game as big as UK-UL at the Final Four and can't come up with a proper perspective. Maybe UNC-Duke, but in most years if that were to happen it would be the third or, more likely, the fourth time the teams play that year.

UC-Xavier would be a fair comparison -- at least in any other year but this one where the convergence of brawl storylines might have created a paradox that forced I-275 to form a giant sinkhole and swallow the city whole.

There aren't many more the basketball history and passion like these two. They play once a year in the non-conference and toss in the Pitino-Cal factor and the dislike runs deep.

I would place this as high up the rivalry food chain as it gets for this level. Will make for intriguing television.

--- For those of you hoping to attend the final Mick Cronin Radio Show tonight at Montgomery Inn, it will be canceled since Mick is taping the State Farm Tournament Coaches' Show in Chicago. The show will air on Fox Sports and Comcast regional networks this week.

--- Chad Brendel takes a closer look back and analyzes UC's team needs going forward. I'll delve deeper into some of these topics later in the week, but this is a great overview of where the program sits heading into next year.

--- Wow, it's been a while since
I've searched the Internettings for Bearcats news and came back empty-handed. Yet another reality check in why that lose to OSU stings. Remember, though, only three weeks until Bearcat Bowl VI and Fan Fest on April 14 at Nippert Stadium.

--- Some randomness...

--- Got to love the honesty of Greg Popovich turning in his lineup card last night with the listing of "Did Not Dress: Tim Duncan -- Old."

And obviously this blogger was instructed to find the oldest looking picture of Tim Duncan on the Internet, please.

--- I always knew computers would take over the world and destroy us, but I didn't know they would provide me with delicious tacos in the process.

--- Steve Blake's defensive
"effort" here describes the first three quarters of every NBA regular season game in one symbolic motion.

--- A man scaled the 52-story
New York Times building claiming he wanted a copy of the newspaper. He was arrested and taken for psyciatric testing. It once again proves that the only people who care about the print edition of newspapers anymore must be evaluated for a mental disorder.

--- Hey, Radiohead at Riverbend is only a few months away. Here's an acoustic version of Creep along with a fun experience in Flash.

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