Bearcats Breakfast 3.7.12

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If you haven't listened to the latest episode of the podcast, it is now up. As is the case with all of them, I highly recommend it. Tommy G and myself break down all things surrounding UC and the Big East tournament and even delve into some of the alumni coming around these parts.

Here is the link. It's 30 minutes. You and I both know you have nothing better to do.

Also, remember Tommy G, Dan Hoard and Chuck Machock are in NYC and will be posting video reports periodically on Be sure to keep checking back for more.

Let's eat...
--- I got a closer look at the new infrared jerseys yesterday. They had them out prior to the availability with Mick and the players. My initial reaction? Their different. I'm not a huge fan, but I haven't seen them in action, and to be perfectly honest, my opinion is worth a cup of steam.

All that matters is one thing.

"The players don't like them," Mick Cronin said. "They love them. Whatever recruits and players like, I like."

And recruits and players love different uniforms, also, UC will be one of only three teams sporting the new unis. This will be the sixth and seventh different uniform they've worn this year, counting red, black and white regular, white and black throwbacks.

"New look," Sean Kilpatrick said. "It's good for  anew look, especially going into the Big East tournament, you want to feel refreshed and everything going into there. I think new uniforms give us a new outlook."

Bill Koch wrote a full story on the uni topic.

--- Mick jumped a bit
into the topic of the NCAA Selection Committee yesterday. Talking about strength of schedule and projections he offered some interesting observations.

"To me, it's who you beat," he said. "You and I can go play Tiger Woods in golf, doesn't mean we are any good. Your ability to beat another good team. That is how you would gauge what your team is capable of."

Granted, this philosophy plays nicely into his current team sheet, but there's no denying that playing a tough schedule doesn't prove much other than you played a tough schedule. At some point a team needs to win those games (the RPIs biggest weakness, right there -- win or lose, they give you extreme credit just for lacing them up).

What does it mean on the flip side along that line of thinking, in UC's case in particular losing to poor teams (ie. You and I can go play a 9-year-old in golf, if we lose, it proves we are not very good).

Mick offered this.

"Yeah, because of your ability of how good are you," he said. "Who were you when you lost? What injuries did you have? What place were you at that point in your season? You can be a totally different team."

The example of USF, which inherited a slew of bad losses early in the season playing without three of their best players. Those losses need to be taken into consideration, but it doesn't serve as a true value of what the team is capable of -- 12-6 in the Big East does.

The same could be said for UC, which lost to Presbyterian and Marshall without JaQuon Parker. Curious if he would have played a difference in a buzzer-beater and OT loss? Check the Marquette game tape.

By the end of the conversation, the common thread was, the committee has one of the toughest jobs in sport and none of us want to be responsible for what comes out of that room.

"I just think there are a lot of teams that look the same when you really start looking at that stuff," Cronin said. "It's a tough thing to kind of figure out. I don't know how they do it."

--- Koch on UC utilizing the
zone defense well late in the year.

--- The Wall Street Journal talks about UC liking their chances only having to win three games to win the BET.

--- Good stuff from Mick talking more in regards to ESPN analysts and the true way to judge who is most likely to win the NCAA tournament.

"I do know that if you look at it and want to know who the best teams are all you have to do is go to Las Vegas," he said. "Which one do they have favored in Vegas? (TV) experts don't have to be held accountable. They forget they are 0-for-The Final Four the last three years. Those other guys aren't right, it costs them a lot of money."

For the record and strictly for informational and recreational use, UC is among a group of 14 teams falling between a ranking of 24th to 38th going off at 100-to-1 to win The Dance right now, according to

--- Went 3 for 4 on my f
irst-round picks yesterday. UConn had an easier time than I anticipated they would with DePaul, though, I am still not buying a Huskies resurgence.

Pitt looked impressive and I wouldn't be shocked to see them upset Georgetown tonight. Remember, the Panthers beat GT 72-60 in January.

Jordan Theodore was incredible with 13 assists, but dishing out 13 assists against whatever it is Providence claims to be defense is the equivalent of being shocked Clooney walked into the party and left with your girl. It's just what happens in that situation.

Villanova's win against Rutgers sets up an intriguing second-round matchup with a team that plays no defense facing a team that plays only defense.

--- As for picking the winners today: UConn tops West Virginia. (Yes, I know I said I don't believe in the Huskies resurgence, but I believe even less in this 'Eers team's ability to win a big game).

Upset alert: Pitt over Georgetown, my gut continues to scream for the Panthers.

Louisville over Seton Hall. The Pirates have been overrated all year. I feel the same way about U of L, but they still have more to offer than SH.

USF over Villanova. In a game I will watch while changing the channel to anything else as much as possible.

--- The mystery of the Kevin Jones vote surrounds the BET.

--- I look forward to seeing the full 1-68 S-Curve that the NCAA will release for the first time this year.

--- Randomness...

--- A third Bill and Ted
movie with Keanu on board appears to be happening. At least Keanu can revert to playing a character more loosely based on himself.

--- Try to rob the girl scouts and you're bound to get smacked.

--- At what point in time
once you leave Chuck E. Cheese do you realize you left your 3-year-old there? Apparently, while watching the 11 o'clock news. Wow.

--- I see you Minnesota T-Wolves marketing staff. Anytime you can rerack the Family Matters theme song, I am on board with full support.

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