'Cats and crawfish

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Now that March Madness is over (other than hoping Louisville finds a way to stop the Big Blue Crew of one-and-doners) I took some time to hit the Sheakley Athletic Center for a little spring football.

I was able to see Dennis Janson, one of the classiest guys around in the media who always has great stories and I was able to update fellow Springsteen fan Dan Hoard on the recent shows I saw.

Plus, I'm a little odd.  I just like hanging around football practice.

This week, I tried out the new Iphone's video feature to check in with the current No. 1 quarterback Munchie Legaux.  Some of the information you may know, some you may not.  What I do know is that he has a mature presence about him and he certainly looks ready to be in charge.

I'll let Munchie fill you in on the rest....

OK, upon further review, the audio doesn't appear great, so maybe I'll stick to my small HD cam.  However, Munchie's still worth listening to so hang with it if you can.  I'll inform my IT staff of any difficulties and file a full report in the morning ;)

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