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Somewhere between now and Friday, March 16, a caravan of red and black will make its way on 71 South and then over to 65 South toward Music City as UC squares off with the Texas Longhorns at 12:15 (11:15 if you adjusted your clocks in Nashville).

It's "Brunch with the Bearcats" and it should be fun to watch a rested and ready crew hook up with the 'Horns.  Ironically, it's St. Patrick's Day weekend as it was last time the Bearcats were in the NCAA tournament in Nashville (2001). 

Here's hoping some of you are a little more wiser in your "Wearing of the Green" Day behavior than you were the last time (you know who you are).

Nashville's got a variety of things to do downtown.  Beyond the Country Music Hall of Fame, there's plenty of other music in various surroundings.  If you're like as they say "both kinds of music" (country and western) I'd recommend Tootsie's Wild Orchid Lounge or Robert's Western Wear (where the legendary BR-549 once made a live album).

Should you get hungry, Jack's BBQ on Broadway is pretty decent stuff.  Beyond that, I'm sure you'll have fun if you just follow the UC cheers that should perpetuate Nashville just as they did on Beale and Bourbon Streets in events past.

As for the game, I like the way Cashmere Wright has stepped it up this year, so let's hear from him.  Sadly, my regular job duties have me occupied Friday, so I'll have to watch from afar for one of the rare times in the last 20 years.

Oh well, life's full of curveballs.  Here's the Wright stuff....

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