Bearcats Breakfast 4.10.12

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Want to open up by thanking everyone for sending in emails with questions, thoughts, concerns to relay to Whit Babcock in today's podcast. Be sure, many of them will make their way into the conversation. Much appreciated and all of you that interact -- whether here or on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr) -- are part of what makes this gig so much fun.

On that note, I am on my way in to talk to Whit for the pod, so this will be an extremely brief Breakfast this morning and you can look for the archived conversation up on the blog this afternoon barring some urgent AD business forcing a postponement.

Let's eat a snack...

--- Dan Hoard spoke with Drew Frey about his experience as he utilizes his sixth year of eligibility thanks to a medical waiver. He's the rock of that young secondary right now and much will be expected of him this season.

--- Bill Koch touched on the most talked-about storyline in spring this year: Munchie Legaux. The torch hasn't officially been passed yet and many compliments are being sent in the direction of Brandon Kay, but Munchie will be receiving every chance to flip last year's success into a solid starting gig in 2012.

--- If you attended either Opening Day or Sunday against Miami, you heard the new victory song the Reds play after every win. It's called "Unstoppable" by local band Foxy Shazam. I'm hooked. It's been stuck in my head for five days. Now it will be stuck in yours. Enjoy.

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