Bearcats Breakfast 4.17.12

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Matt Norlander wrote this piece about the epidemic of transfers in college basketball. Indeed, this issue has begun to overwhelm the industry. As Mick Cronin said earlier this year, when good players don't play well in their first year these days, they blame the coach and transfer. It's the reality of situation these days.

The era of AAU and outside influences replacing the voice of the coach contribute to this outbreak.

The list of transfers across D-I this year alone exceeds 300 and is expected to rise over 400 in the coming weeks. That's an average of more than one transfer per program. Check out this list, the length is mind-boggling.

Now, this point has been brought up here before. But I feel like it deserves repeating considering this growing problem in college basketball.

How many players have transferred out of Mick Cronin's program in the last five years (2007 JuCo cluster doesn't count)? Two. Following the 2008 season Kenny Belton bolted after one season at UC and Alvin Mitchell left after the 2009 campaign.

In the last three years as transferring became the most popular move in the game? Not one has left.

Meanwhile, 17 players have transferred from Kentucky since 2003. UConn has 14. Duke seven. North Carolina four.

Too often at schools expectations are incorrectly communicated. Players don't understand what roles they should play when they arrive. When adversity strikes, many coaches don't know how to help their players see the light at the end of the tunnel -- no matter how dark.

Not Cronin. When players arrive at UC they know what will be expected of them. They aren't put off when redshirted (re: Kilpatrick, Sean; Thomas, Shaq) or frustrated enough to transfer because of lack of playing time (re: Parker, JaQuon).

Mick helps them fight through the dark days and reap the rewards. The growing list of those who persevered only make the belief of the struggling young players stronger.

Go ahead and add this to the list of the reasons the job Cronin has done should be considered underrated, but considering all the movement of unhappy players it should be thrust more into the spotlight than ever before.

Let's eat...

--- Why are we even
wondering where Derek Wolfe, John Hughes, Isaiah Pead, JK Schaffer and Adrien Robinson are going to end up next weekend? Shouldn't we just assume they'll all end up in Philadelphia?

Mardy Gilyard became the latest former UC player to make his way to the City of Brotherly Love. That makes four on the team, joining C Jason Kelce, TE Brent Celek and DE Trent Cole.

In fact, if you look at the 10 Bearcats that played in the NFL last year (according to, four of those are now with Philly.

As for Gilyard, hopefully he finds the fresh start he needed in Philly after a disappointing first two seasons in the league. He'll have a shot to latch on with the Eagles as they certainly lack depth beyond their top three of Jason Avant, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.

He'll battle Riley Cooper and host of other unprovens for the final two WR spots. Talent has never been the issue for Mardy, it's always been motivation. Let's hope this experience brings out the motivation in him.

Here's Mardy talking yesterday on Eagles live for almost seven minutes. He sees himself helping out as a returner and "getting back to that flash like there was in college."

--- Dan Hoard wrote about Isaiah Pead and Derek Wolfe approaching draft day.

--- As for other draft news,
the Bengals worked out DJ Woods and LS Tom DeTemple. They love the UC undrafted free agents over there, so have to think there's a slight chance another Bearcat could be at PBS when camp opens.

--- Joe Lunardi posted next year's Bracketology and has UC as a 7 seed playing St. Joe's in Philadelphia. UC fans should be outrage the Cats have to play in St. Joe's backyard as a higher seed. Make your hotel reservations today.

Despite the lunacy of posting next year's bracket projections already, that was my first glance at the regional sites this year. There aren't as many near here as this year when half the field was within a five-hour drive, but drawing opening round games in Dayton or Lexington would be ideal.

--- Randomness...

--- Sara Ganim is 24 years old and won a Pulitzer Prize. Congrats to her, she deserved it for all she did scooping the big boys during the Sandusky scandal.

For the record, when I was 24, I had a plaque on my desk that said Employee of the Month at a newspaper in rural Arkansas. I stole the plaque out of a storage closet.

--- Reason No. 4,872,043
why the rest of the world hates us.

--- Download Soundgarden's new single for free.

--- In case you haven't seen it, the Tupac hologram performance from Coachella was wild. If a possible Tupac hologram tour happens, I think it should be an entire dead musician bonanza. I want Tupac, Biggie, skinny Elvis and pre-creep Michael Jackson in that show with him.

--- While we are talking young Mike, Billie Jean still makes me pop out of my seat every time I hear it. And yes, while I may not look it, I can and will crush a dance floor. I am 15-1-2 career in dance-offs. The numbers don't lie.

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