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DT Derek Wolfe has become one of the most unpredictable questions in next week's NFL Draft. Nobody seems to have a clear handle on where he'll end up. Some have him ranked as low as a fifth-sixth round selection and Mel Kiper last week placed him as the 31st overall selection to the New England Patriots.

Bill Koch spoke with Wolfe and wrote this story.

In it, Wolfe pointed out how he'd been one of the most productive players in college football last season. As has been well-documented on this blog, he's dead-on accurate. However, in case you need a reminder, let's place Wolfe's numbers up against those he'll be compared to on draft boards across the country.

Here's the ESPN list of the top 12 defensive tackles, the only DTs pjojected in the first three rounds. More importantly, here are their numbers from the 2011 season.

Player, School              TFL  Sck  Tack
Fletcher Cox, Miss St.    14.5   5      56
Michael Brockers, LSU     10    2      54
Dontari Poe, Memphis       8     1      33
Jerel Worthy, Mich. St.    10.5  3.5    31
Kendall Reyes, UConn   13.5  4.5    46
Devon Still, Penn St.        17   4.5     55
B. Thompson, Clemson     8     3      47
Alameda Ta'amu, Wash     7    3.5    30
Derek Wolfe, UC             21.5  9.5    70
Mike Martin, Mich.              6     3.5    64
Billy Winn, Boise                8      3      33

--- Notice Derek Wolfe ranks first in all three categories that quantify the effect of a defensive tackle. Not only does he lead every category, it's not even close.

None of those prospects came within seven TFL and all had less than half of his 9.5 sacks. Wolfe finished with 70 tackles and only Mike Martin of Michigan contributed more than 56.

--- Who is the closest defensive
tackle to those production numbers over recent years? Try Ndamakong Suh's final season at Nebraska: 20.5 TFL, 12 sacks, 85 tackles.

Last year, Nick Fairley had a season in that range with 24 TFL, 11.5 sacks and 60 tackles.

Outside of those, few enjoyed the disruptive trio of TFL, sacks and tackles. With all this talk of production on the football field, what else is there to look for in Wolfe?

Sure, at 295 pounds he's too big to be a defensive end and on the small end of the defensive tackles. That's why the 3-4 system coaches love him as he fits perfectly in the inside end position of the scheme.

And as far as college production goes, there was no equal at his position. We'll see how much that means to NFL coaches next week. As early as Thursday.

--- Andrea Adelson at ESPN offered up highlights of her conversation with Butch Jones. Most it is information anyone who reads the blog already knows, but there are some tidbits regarding injuries that serve as news.

Apparently, both DL Roney Lozano and WR Dy'Juan Lewis will miss portions of next season due to injuries suffered this spring.

--- Reminder, football season ticket renewals must be in by Friday.


--- The Steelers plan on making a run at the Pittsburgh Pirates reign on Worst Throwback Jersey.

--- I'm not sure the iPhone needs ads since it seems everyone in the country owns one, but if you are going to have some, might as well feature Samuel L. Jackson.

--- Axl Rose has apologized to Cleveland. In a related note, shouldn't Cleveland be apologizing to all of us as well?

--- If you are a kindergartner and throw a tantrum so bad police have to handcuff you, that is a story you can tell your grandkids. Check that, that's a story you MUST tell your grandkids.

--- A 76-year-old woman
hit the gas instead of the brakes and blew through the front of a Publix in Florida (no, really, in Florida). Nobody died, but the video is wild.

--- In honor of those like Mo Egger and Tommy G, who headed to Cleveland for Bruce Springsteen last night, here's a little Bruce for your Wednesday morning.

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