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Today is one of my favorite days of the year. There are made up holidays seemingly every day anymore. This month alone there was National Eggs Benedict Day, Draw a Picture of a Bird Day, Tell a Lie Day and I even got caught up in a mini-mob at UC celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day.

Hi5.JPGNone of those bring me as much joy, however, as National High-5 Day.

I first started celebrating this holiday in earnest back when I worked at CNati because my blog was called HIgh-5, Low-5 and every morning I'd give my take on the five things I liked going on and five I didn't. It made for quite the glorification of the high-5 on a daily basis.

And, to be honest, anybody who doesn't enjoy a hearty high-5, most likely has never felt true joy. Or accomplished anything in any sporting event.

Do me a favor and count the high-5s during the next sporting event you attend. How many? Now, the butt pat has really come a long way and making a very creepy rise in the celebration ranks, but the high-5 is old faithful. Always there to greet you with a smile and a slap.

All the happiness it brings deserves to be celebrated. So get out there and exchange some high-5s (I hate how the low 5 has been overlooked in all this and I'm working for a National Low-5 Day, I know it was really digging at you, too).

And now, the NH5D folks are raising money for Cancer, so check out their Facebook page and help out a great cause.

Or just let this song seep into your brain and never exit.

Let's eat.....

--- Yesterday, I posted productivity numbers of DT Derek Wolfe up against other players coaches are currently comparing him with for the draft to go along with Bill Koch's piece on DW.

Today, I want to point out some facts about Isaiah Pead and mid-round running backs to pair with Koch's recent conversation with Pead that posted today.

By all accounts, Pead should be drafted somewhere in the 2nd-3rd rounds. He'll be a mid-round back.

Also by all accounts, that should be a thrilling concept for Isaiah and Pead fans everywhere. Here's a draft review of Pead's skills.

Take a look at recent drafts and the success rate of those drafted in rounds 2/3/4.

Who were the two leading rushers from last year's draft class?

DeMarco Murray (Dallas, 3rd, 71 overall) 164 carries, 897 yards
Roy Helu (Washington, 4th, 105) 151 carries, 640 yards
Daniel Thomas (Miami, 2nd, 62)  165 carries, 581 yards

Murray was the sixth back off the board selected in the third round -- sound familiar? That's the exact expectations for Pead. Comparisons with Murray remind me of what an NFL scout told me when I asked about Pead last season. The first thing he pointed out was when watching the Oklahoma game his junior year there was no doubt he was the best player on the field. And that field contained DeMarco Murray.

Here's a list of RBs selected in the 2/3/4 rounds over recent years

Ben Tate, Hou, 58th -- 175 carries, 942 yards in 2011

LeSean McCoy, Phi, 53rd -- First-team All-Pro, 4,241 yards from scrimmage in three years
Shonn Greene, NYJ, 65th -- 253 carries, 1,265 carries in 2011

Matt Forte, Chi, 44th -- Pro Bowler, over 1,400 yards from scrimmage all four seasons
Ray Rice, Bal, 55th -- two-time Pro Bowler, 2,068 yards from scrimmage last year
Jamaal Charles, KC, 73rd -- First team All-Pro, more than 2,500 rushing yards 2010-11
Steve Slaton, Hou, 89th -- 1,282 rushing yards his rookie year

Michael Bush, Oak, 100th -- Just signed 4-year, $14 million deal w/ Chicago

Maurice Jones-Drew, Jax, 60th -- 6,854 career rushing yards

Frank Gore, SF, 65th -- 7,625 career rushing yards

--- Nugget: In the last seven years 11 Pro Bowl appearances have come from players selected in the first round. How many have come from players selected in the 2nd or 3rd? 11.

--- Want more? How about this: here's a list of the top 10 rushers in yards per game last season and where they were selected in the NFL Draft.

M. Jones-Drew   60th
Arian Foster       UnD
Fred Jackson     UnD
LeSean McCoy  53rd
Ray Rice           55th
Michael Turner   154th
Matt Forte         44th
Adrian Peterson  7th
Marshawn Lynch 12th
Willis McGahee  23rd

That's right, all of the top seven rushers last year were selected outside the top 40 and two were not drafted at all.

Everyone in the NFL is searching for the back they can draft late and use for 4-5 great years. The proof is in the numbers.

--- Bottom line: Isaiah Pead will have his shot no matter where he's drafted and there will be zero shame in going in the middle rounds.

--- One of the great aspects of UC's football success has been coupling it with success in the classroom. Coach Butch Jones blog talks to players about the team that finished first in the Big East in team GPA.

--- Connor Barwin made the cover of Eastbay, here's some behind the scenes with him and fellow cover boy JJ Watt.

--- Congrats to the baseball team for their big win against Ohio State, 6-5, on Big Ten Network last night. It's been a rough go this year, but hopefully this will spark success.

--- The Sacramento Kings are honoring The Big O.

--- Randomness...

--- I had a lemonade stand once. It didn't raise $10,000. To be fair, my lemonade recipe never quite found itself.

--- Joel McHale does his best to put to bed rumors Chevy Chase is leaving Community. In my opinion, the show wouldn't skip a beat without him.

--- In case, "starring Brooke Hogan," didn't guarantee this would be the worst movie made this decade, this trailer for "Sand Sharks" puts the nail in the coffin.

--- The Ron Swanson bobblehead is a strong product. I'll throw in a Parks and Rec gag reel while we're at it.

--- Cash Cab was canceled! Now what will I do to build excitement during the first 10 seconds I sit down in a cab waiting for the lights to go off?

--- Have a happy National High-5 Day everybody and here's some High-5 etiquette to help you maneuver through the day as smoothly as possible.

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