Bearcats Breakfast 4.23.12

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For this week, it's all eyes on Derek Wolfe and Isaiah Pead. The two hope to hear their name called Thursday or Friday then we'll wait until Saturday to see how many more Bearcats are drafted into new homes.

Stories on Pead and Wolfe are showing up more frequently now and it's great to see these guys in particular receive the much-deserved run.

Bill Rabinowitz at the Columbus Dispatch wrote this piece on Isaiah, talking to Butch Jones about how far Pead came over his time at UC. He points the lack of punctuality when it came to meetings and events the running back used to employ. He goes on to tell a story of Isaiah being the only player sitting on the bus departing for the Liberty Bowl.

That's what college is all about. I don't care if you are an engineer, in business or playing football, the idea is to become a better person and professional along the way. Nothing exposes the system's successes or failures more than college athletics as these personalities are thrust into your living room every Saturday in the Fall. So, we root for this type of development and this type of personality to ascend as Isaiah did.

Will he succeed on the next level? I don't know. Nobody does. All the effort and maturity in the world doesn't guarantee success in that league. It's a production business against the best athletes around. However, on UC's end, the school, staff and program providing the opportunity for Pead to be prepared for the challenge.

As did his 4.47 40-yard dash.

Regardless, it's a refreshing story of what college should and can allow players to achieve. And one that I know I will be locked in to for years to come.


Let's eat...

--- Andrea Adelson was part of a spring football surprises roundup at ESPN and shows some love for Solomon Tentman. If you don't know his story, read this now.

--- A member of the Twitterati
was asking about the future opponents schedule with the latest announcement of the home-and-home series with Ohio (the artist soon to be known as the Paul Dehner Jr. Bowl).

As Biggie would say, if you don't know, now you know.

Northwestern State
@Illinois (Soldier Field)

Stony Brook
@Ohio State

@Miami (OH)
@Miami (FL)



--- Dan Hoard wrote about the interesting background of OC Mike Bajakian. And if UC ever needs to win a bowling competition at the next bowl game they are selected to, they have their coach already in-house.

Mark it 8, Dude.

--- In the least surprising news to come out of Xavier in years for those at all close to the situation: Mark Lyons won't be back. Let's just say it's pretty obvious the two sides didn't get along. It's a very minor effect, but an effect nonetheless, it at least partially increases the chances the Shootout continues next year as one of the primary perpetrators won't be in the house.

--- UConn just completely unraveling. Have we seen a more dramatic fall from the top than this program experienced in the last 13 months?

--- Great run and shot by former UC Bearcat soccer star Omar Cummings for the Colorado Rapids. His athleticism sparks an awkward man to take his shirt off and spin it around his head like a helicopter.

--- Randomness...

--- Haven't seen it yet but plan on catching the premiere of the new Julia Louis-Dreyfuss show Veep on HBO. Critics are loving it.

This, of course, allows me to link to one of my favorite Elaine moments from Seinfeld. "You're bald!"

--- Can you make yourself smarter? Where was this 10 years ago when I had zero clue how to pass chemistry?

--- Facts? Remember those?

--- Because I haven't posted anything Pearl Jam related in a few weeks and had this great song in my head all weekend, here's Eddie Vedder. Have a great Monday.

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