Bearcats Breakfast 4.24.12

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I start today with a homework assignment for the readership. You can either write me a 10-page thesis on the effect the changing pop culture has on the modern student-athlete and whether or not it has become a destructive force in the evolution of our society ... OR you can vote for UC to host a College Gameday commercial here.

See, the second sounds like nothing now, doesn't it? You can vote every day between now and May 2 and UC will be in the running for Gameday to shoot a commercial on campus. Here's an example of one of a commercial they did in the past. 

If the Bearcats were to win, I'm officially on board with any scenario that features Lee Corso, the Keg of Nails and Lucy the Bearcat in a Three's Company type of hi jinx.

Let's eat...

--- Kentucky Sports Radio recently wrote this piece on UK's likely schedule for next season and one of the biggest questions is who the Wildcats will draw in the Big East/SEC Challenge.

It's UK's year to hit the road and UC's year to host a game in the event.

Now, the pairings for this event weren't announced until mid-May last year, so there's plenty of time to speculate, but this could be one of the premier home games the Bearcats basketball program has been searching for.

Mick Cronin said last year he petitioned the Big East to place his team in a game with Kentucky for this event. It didn't work out, with UC eventually shipped to a victory at a bad Georgia team and the eventual national champs ravaging a decimated St. John's roster. Good call guys.

You have to believe with the possibility of UK coming to Cincinnati, Cronin and AD Whit Babcock are pushing hard for the Wildcats at Fifth Third Arena or the very least at US Bank. That's a signature schedule item to offer to the fan base clamoring for more pizazz in the non-con. It would be the biggest non-conference event at home in years -- maybe ever.

Whit talked often in regards to football about bringing as many contests on campus as possible, so whether Kentucky or otherwise, know the fight would be strong to keep the game in Clifton and keep as many opposing teams' fans out of the building.

As proven last year, anything can happen with these games, but the TV folks want some marquee matchups.

Two teams from the SEC made the Sweet 16 last year: Florida and UK. Last year, the Gators went on the road to Syracuse, so they will be due a home game.

Four teams out of the Big East made the Sweet 16: UC, Marquette, Syracuse, Louisville (not saying this is the criteria with which the games will be set off, but serves as a decent jumping off point).

U of L and UK are already playing an NYE game at the Yum! Center. Cuse is owed a road game.

Marquette was left out of the 12-team field last year and really elevated the program under Buzz Williams. That said, they will be replacing DJO and BEPOY Jae Crowder. The Golden Eagles earning the UK game wouldn't be crazy in the least.

Here's the full list of options for UC, assuming they swap all of last year's SEC home teams to the road this year: South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State.

Take out UGA since they are unlikely to rematch the two teams, you have a quality opponent, assuming former UC assistant Frank Martin doesn't make a return to Fifth Third with his new Gamecocks squad.

Can't wait to see the draw in a few weeks.

--- Remember, UC will also be taking part in the Global Sports Classic in Vegas from Nov. 23-24.

--- Since ESPN posted it, I'll link to it, but no surprises on the post-spring depth chart from Butch Jones. Still no official decision on starting quarterback.

--- Andrea Adelson's thoughts on the future of the BCS and how it will effect the Big East.

--- Randomness...

--- Apparently zoning out is a critical mental state. Must be why I'm so well adjusted.

--- Here's a five-minute ode to The Carlton Dance with a host of celebs doing it. Somehow, they couldn't find Alfonso Ribero, though. Can't imagine he didn't have time for this.

--- I think any policy which states you'll stop selling plastic rats is one worth putting in place.

--- Tonight is Bark in the Park at the Reds game. Which gives me an excuse for this jam. Have a good one.

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