Bearcats Breakfast 4.25.12

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Mock draft mania has officially hit oversaturation. Of course, you could make the same argument a month ago.

A man with a concerning amount of time on his hands compiled all the mock drafts he could find on the Internet and came with 258 owning somewhat reasonable credibility.

Everyone owns a mock draft and everyone owns different opinions. What should we expect from the UC contingent? Depends on who you read.

The NFL Draft Bible believes all five UC Bearcats who in the conversation for being drafted will be selected this weekend. Here's their consensus:

Derek Wolfe - second round
Isaiah Pead - third round
JK Schaffer - fourth round
John Hughes - sixth round
Adrien Robinson - seventh round

Whose one of the most respected names in the business when it comes to prospect analysis? Mike Mayock at the NFL Network. Guy is as good as it gets this time of year. He has both Wolfe and Pead in his Top 100. Wolfe is at 59 and Pead at 77.

Todd McShay ranked Wolfe as the second-best defensive tackle in terms of pass rushing skills in his latest positional rankings.

That places both going on Friday night, where most believe the top two Bearcats will go off the board. Obviously, more on all the draft developments as the week continues.

Let's eat...

--- Want to open with this behind the scenes piece by Tricia Macke at Fox19, talking with Mick Cronin. You see the guy off the court who talks continuously about his daughter and takes pride in living/working in his hometown.

There are a lot of good guys in this business that don't make it. Being a good guy won't win you games and won't keep the boosters off your back, but it makes you the complete package when you do  know how to win games.

--- Keep an eye out this summer for Mick's basketball camps. Here's the details.

--- For those of you who care about rankings, Dickie V has UC ranked in his Top 25 for next year. Which as we all should know by now means absolutely nothing.

--- Andrea Adelson raised the point yesterday on how the future of the BCS and possible elimination of the AQ status would effect the commitment of the new Big East schools. San Diego State led the way in reassuring everyone in BE country that they can breathe a little easier.

--- The BCS meetings this week have made news and it appears more and more likely the four-team playoff will take hold in 2014. According to Brett McMurphy at, the concept of playing the semifinals at campus sites "is on life support."

Inability for some venues to support the media crush that would occur should a smaller school be ranked first or second it could prove too much.

Imagine for a second UC hosting a national semifinal at Nippert Stadium. Sure, it could be done, but you talk about your all-time media nightmares. Trying to find space for the hundreds upon hundreds that would request credentials for an event that size would be near impossible.

The game itself? The most incredible atmosphere imaginable. The logistics surrounding it -- not so much.

Instead, the Rose Bowl, Superdome, Fiesta Bowl or Orange Bowl become the new semifinal sites and everybody is happy. If the concern is these teams will be playing in front of half-empty stadiums because the fans don't like the possibility of traveling two weeks in a row -- can you imagine a half-empty stadium for a college football national semifinal? Yeah, me neither.

--- Random frustrating thought that keeps recurring in my head: If only this system were in place in 2009.....

--- Eric Hicks petitioned
Marvin Lewis to show up at his Commandos game on Saturday night. Marv might be a little busy, but I'll let him know to check out the game tape.

--- Randomness...

--- 30 Rock has been good,
not great this year. That said, I hope it hangs around for a few more years.

--- Creed and Nickelback on the same night? Boy, Chuck Klosterman sure is a tortured soul. 

--- It's Tetris on the side of a building. Which is, of course, awesome.

--- Placing all politics aside,
this is pretty funny stuff as Obama slow jams the news on Jimmy Fallon.

--- When it comes to slow jams, though, I have to revert to the patriarch on the topic, Barry White. Have a great Wednesday.

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