Bearcats Breakfast 4.26.12

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I live in an older house. The charm and historic swag (yes, I've decided a house can own swag) of the place grew on me. It's a big reason I decided to live here. Then, there are days like today when the intricacies of it are too much to handle.

Apparently, whenever it rains, the internet goes down. I never thought I'd have to use The Weather Channel App to plan my blog writing, but here we are. And currently, I'm stealing my neighbor's single bar of service just to be able to post this much.

If it's frustrating for you not to be able to read some Bearcats nuggets, imagine my discontent. Hint: It involves myself in an animated, heated discussion with a router. The router, being an inanimate object and all, says nothing. And wins by unanimous decision.

Anyway, that's why the Breakfast doesn't have much content today. Try to survive without me. And, to be honest, if you haven't read enough about the NFL Draft yet, your Internet probably doesn't work any day the sun rises.

--- One small development I did want to point out was the play of Lance Stephenson last night for the Pacers. Indiana, who locked into their playoff spot and was uninterested in victory/defeat against Chicago, rolled Lance out there. Stephenson was the only Pacers player to total more than 30 minutes of action.

He finished with a career-high 22 points on 10 of 15 shooting with an assist and no turnovers.

Larry Bird and company have been patient with Lance and they hope it will pay off in the future. If Wednesday was any indication, the future could be closer than we thought.

--- Pat Forde on the college football playoff drawing closer to reality. But what will college football sports talk radio scream about in December now?

--- Dan Hoard on the dangers
of Twitter and caution with which UC proceeds on social media. On a related note, follow me @pauldehnerjr.

--- His Hairness has projected
and defended Derek Wolfe as a first-round pick (31 to the Patriots). I'd love to see it, though, few others are projecting the same. New England would be lucky to have him.

If Wolfe does get selected in the first round tonight, he will be only the third first-round pick in UC history and the first since Bob Bell in 1971.

--- More than likely won't hear Isaiah Pead's name tonight, but here he is talking with pro alums Armon Binns, Vidal Hazelton and others during a recent UC practice.

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