Bearcats Breakfast 4.27.12

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Busy first round of the draft last night. End of the day for UC fans, no Bearcats taken. That won't be the case today. Derek Wolfe and Isaiah Pead should both come off the board as the second and third rounds take place.

With needs filled and some acquired with first-round maneuvers last night, here's what a few of the experts are saying about the second round and what it means for the Bearcats.

Mel Kiper lists Wolfe as the 8th best prospect left on the board. And he projects him to be selected by the Ravens at No. 60.

Bucky Brooks at has Wolfe slipping out of Round 2.

USA Today has Wolfe going to the defending champs at No. 64.

Look out for the Broncos jumping on Wolfe at No. 57.

For all those clamoring to see Isaiah Pead in Bengals stripes, I haven't seen it as a likely possibility, but the possibility there was saw its chances increase last night. With Cincinnati adding a second third-round pick it opens the door to take a flier on a local guy like Pead.

Just Tuesday Marvin Lewis was talking about additions to special teams/return game influencing some decisions. If Cincinnati goes WR in Round 2 as many expect them to do and Pead is sitting there at either of their third-round selections, there's a decent chance he skips across town.

If that happens, there is a 100 percent chance I do cartwheels through the halls of Paul Brown Stadium.

Let's eat...

--- Tommy G sat down with JK Schaffer yesterday before the draft to talk about his future being upon him. JK finishing his degree while going through the draft process. Would you expect any less?

He's hitting the golf course on Saturday instead of staring at every pick coming off the board.

--- TG busy with UC alums yesterday, he also sat down and spoke with Tony Pike and Dominick Goodman.

--- The plan for a college football playoff came closer to reality yesterday as the four-team model appears to be the front-runner. More importantly, for UC fans, the Big East will be losing it's automatic qualifier status. That will begin in 2014, the Big East will have an AQ the next two years.

--- Bill Koch spoke with Butch Jones
in regards to this development and Butch said what he's been saying for a while now. He loves the bowl system and doesn't care as much what they do at the top as long as all the bowl games stay in their current format.

The good news is under all these proposals nobody will be touching the bowl setup. And any scenario where more teams get a shot at the national championship is a great thing for a team from outside the SEC/B1G/Big 12/Pac-12 power grid.

Though, it hasn't much mattered in recent years.

Consider this, over the last eight years, 28 of the last 32 teams that would have qualified for the four-team playoff were from one of those four aforementioned conferences. That's two runs by TCU with Andy Dalton, the Bearcats in 2009 and Virginia Tech in 2007. That's it.

Good to know since 2003 UC (2009) is the only team from the Big East that would have finished the year in a Final Four college football playoff.

--- Randomness...

--- Pete Caroll finding it
hard to evaluate talent, apparently. Wasn't this guy supposed have his expertise in analyzing college players?

--- I know a few people who could use a "bacon dangler" to motivate exercising.

--- An interesting read from Michael Silver at Yahoo! inside the Rams panicked war room.

--- Hopefully this guy never coaches a youth baseball team.

--- Best of luck and preemptive congrats
to Isaiah Pead and Derek Wolfe tonight. In their honor of what tonight will be for them, here's the best song Aerosmith ever made and one owning a permanent spot in my top 10 songs of all-time.

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