Bearcats Breakfast 4.3.12

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Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats on their eighth national title and congrats to the city of Lexington Police Department officers on all their overtime wages.

How about that class reaction, Part II, from the UK folks who saw the black eye Saturday placed on their reputation.

Regardless, UK was the best team all year and it played out that way during the NCAA Tournament. This was one of the most dominant national champion we've seen in some time.

The 2009 UNC championship team littered with stars Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson was the most recent, the second year of the Florida run featuring Al Horford, Joakim Noah and Corey Brewer also enjoyed an imposing run.

As dominant as they were, both entered the tournament with at least four losses.

UK will finish the season with only two.

The last time a team could make that claim was the 1999 UConn Huskies. In the 13 years since then no team that won the title entered with fewer than four losses.

Pairing the most talented freshmen with a small sample of returning sophomores proved all Calipari needed to take his program over the hump. That was a special run to watch and pretty inevitable at the end of the day. The resounding favorite doesn't always win this thing. In fact, it doesn't the majority of the time. To do so deserves some serious recognition.

Here's to UC and UK getting together in the Big East/SEC Challenge in the near future.

Let's eat...

--- Of course, since almost 12 hours have passed since the 2011-12 season ended, it was time to rank the Top 25 for the 2012-13 season. ESPN's did just that. UC was "on the cusp." Surprisingly, Indiana earned the No. 1 spot.

Since everybody knows how much these rankings mean (even the polls coming out weeks before the tournament were a disaster) make sure to take plenty of stock in them.

--- Talked about this when it was first announced, but want to send another special congrats out to our guest of the blog and podcast, Mike DeCourcy, for his official induction into the basketball writers Hall of Fame yesterday.

On top of being an incredible writer and reporter, he always does his best to help out the rest of us, especially here in Clifton. He's as class act as it gets -- even if he supports the RPI.

--- Hey, look who ended up on the YouTube thumbnail of this year's One Shining Moment.

For the record, SK, Dion and Justin Jackson all make an appearance in one of the most underrated cool parts about being in The Dance if you are a college hoops player.

Also, the video concludes with awkward, slow-motion heavy petting of Coach Cal's hair. Probably wouldn't have been first choice, but who am I to criticize the OSM folks?

--- Don't know if you've seen the latest Thank You 30 Promotion from the UC staff, but it's a sweet idea. Essentially season ticket holders that renew their tickets prior to April 20 will be given a chance at winning a special prize package every day. The details are all here.

What they win varies depending on the day. Yesterday's winner received the thermal coat the coaching staff wears.

The first winner received a personal call from Butch Jones where they can ask the coach questions about the upcoming season. I hope the winner Jon Breiner let's coach know due to all the thorough information he receives at this blog, he doesn't have any unanswered questions but would be happy to talk about life with him.

--- Andrea Adelson took
a brief glance at UC's football schedule and places them somewhere between 10-2 and 8-4. I'm sure Butch Jones would be fine with that range.

As we've mentioned here before and Andrea nicely brings it back, while nobody likes to see a conference foe in the opener with many changes at the skill positions, facing a Panthers team with a new coach having to make their first trip on the road is probably the best time to see them.

Plus, the projected top teams (for whatever that's worth this time of year) are all coming to Nippert with only the trip to Louisville looming as a tough road test. As crazy as seasons can be I would be hesitant to place a worst case scenario for any team at only 8-4, but she's probably not far off through the initial glance.

--- had Drew Frey mic'd up for Saturday's practice and working on communicating with the young pups. Video sponsored by Gavin Rossdale.


--- It's always Florida with these things.

--- If this Votto
deal makes the price of media dining go up at GABP I'm storming into Walt's office! (Disclaimer: Absolutely no way I would ever do this)

--- Placing eight sets of quadruplets in the same park and watching reactions only makes me wish I had access to eight sets of quadruplets every day.

--- Did Tom Cruise show up in the Rock of Ages trailer I saw last night? Yes. Yes, he did.

--- I would love to see the face of a guy interested in buying this used car when he asks how many miles are on it and the sweet, little 93-year-old lady says, "576,000."

--- Did you know Eddie Murphy
is 51 today? Well, there's only one option when hearing that news. I'm looking in the background for Charlie Murphy with a backwards UNITY ring imprint on his forehead.

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