Bearcats Breakfast 4.9.12

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Big day tomorrow for the podcast, as I sit down with AD Whit Babcock to talk about all things UC Athletics. Since I know you folks are the most die-hard of the Bearcats fans out there I wanted to reach out to you for what's on your mind.

What are the issues that most concern you and you'd like to see addressed by Whit and his staff?

What are the biggest problems/greatest assets the athletics department offers you right now?

Since I know all of you have opinions, let's hear them. Send in your thoughts and I'll do my best to relay them to Whit as we discuss in the podcast. Shoot me an email ( and I'll even give you a shout out on the pod. Look for this tomorrow afternoon up on the blog barring any breaking business that forces us to postpone.

Look forward to hearing from all of you.

Let's eat...

--- Since I think I know my readership pretty well, I wanted to reset a piece I wrote Friday since I assume many of you dipped out of work early on Friday.

I posted this story on UC redshirt sophomore linebacker Solomon Tentman. It was one of those rare pieces that you treat with extra time and care because the player's story is so deserving. Tentman's journey was unbelievable and as I said when linking it on Twitter, anybody who loves to root for the human spirit should be rooting for Tentman this Fall.

I've never played sports beyond being cut from four of them my freshman year at Moeller, so I can't relate to being told you suffered a catastrophic knee injury and you probably won't play again. I can only imagine the concept of fighting a rehabilitation battle that you've been told you'll likely lose.

I certainly can't imagine the feeling realizing after two years of suffering and working you have overcome the odds and become the starting middle linebacker once again playing a full strength a game you devoted your life to.

Unreal perseverance and toughness.

A few tidbits I didn't sneak into the story that I wanted to mention here: Butch Jones went out of his way to acknowledge Tentman not only working as hard as anyone on the field, but being a stellar student in the classroom. Though, considering this guy's work ethic, I don't think that's at all surprising.

Also, loved the concept of the local kid who had a magnificent high school career (in the GCL, mind you) taking over at middle linebacker amid high expectations. Story sound familiar? UC can hope that Tentman (Roger Bacon) follows the path JK Schaffer (LaSalle) paved at the position.

Luckily, Tentman's been learning from JK for two seasons.

"The toughest thing (taking over) would definitely be the play-making ability and leadership and communication," Tentman said. "JK did a great job of that, I learned the past two years from him based off what he did. I'm trying to transfer that on to the field now."

--- Come on out and
root for Solomon and the rest of the Bearcats this weekend at Saturday's Bearcat Bowl VI. Here are all the details on the event that features activities for the family going on all afternoon at the Varsity Village.

--- Tommy G spoke with Pat O'Donnell out at spring ball and the man who used to rock one of the great mustaches on the team is now clean shaven, but still rocking high expectations for next year.

As for those expectations, it's not beyond the realm of possibility to think he could be one of the top punters in the country.

Last year he finished 17th nationally in punting. The 43.8 average was only 3.5 yards shy of the national leader (Shawn Powell, FSU).

The odd part about next season is this might be viewed as the year of the punter in college football (no sentence quite excites the public like that one). Of the top 13 punters in the country last year, all but one are returning. Ten of those will be seniors in their final season.

Jumping ahead of that group won't be an easy task, but O'Donnell should set his sights on more locally-driven numbers. Remember, Bengals punter Kevin Huber averaged 45.0 yards per punt his senior year. Replicating those numbers would be fine with everybody on the UC staff and more than a few scouts.

--- Tim Adams on redshirt
freshman CB Trenier Orr, who is starting at corner this spring with Deven Drane banged up.

--- Saw Twitter rumors circulating about Sean Kilpatrick "likely leaving" for the NBA Draft. They stemmed from erroneous speculation on

He put those to bed with this Tweet: "IM NOT LEAVING BEARCATNATION ANYTIME SOON!"

End of story -- which wasn't really even a story, rather someone posting an opinion on a topic they have zero knowledge about on a random draft blog. Oh, you have to love modern "journalism."

--- While we are talking NBA Draft,
Yancy Gates will take part in the Portsmouth Invitational Draft Camp.

Good luck to Yancy there as he tries to increase his draft stock. He'll be playing on the Portsmouth Partnership team alongside JaMychal Green (6-8, 240) of Alabama and Steven Idlet (6-11, 247) of Tulsa. #MansGame

Will be a serious proving ground for Gates.

--- Randomness...

--- An Easter
Bunny was arrested. Wish I could have been there to see it.

--- Planning on attending a game at Camden Yards this summer. I now also plan on eating bacon on a stick.

--- Apparently the reclusive Dave Chappelle was spotted out on the town in Miami. This once again allows me to champion my request for the Chris Rock/Dave Chappelle Comedy Tour to End All Comedy Tours.

--- Congrats to one of the best personalities on tour in Bubba Watson. He's been through a lot to get to this point and became one of the best stories in recent Masters history on Sunday.

You can't help but like a guy who would be a part of this video and simultaneously kill the image of the uptight golfer. Score one for the new school.

Oooh de lalye lalye!

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