The family that plays together

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Having been to my share of Bearcat football spring practices, it still is strange to see a fair amount of spectators watching.

Granted, Nippert Stadium is in the open and any passerby can catch a glance or pull up some cement, but it used to be just a handful that would watch.

When I stopped by Saturday, March 31 I noticed more folks than usual at practice, particularly considering the weather wasn't conducive to spring spectating (football weather yes--but several degrees below what it's been).

When I reached the sideline, I noticed numerous recruits around, along with coaches wives and their families, player parents and others.  For what wasn't a highly publicized scrimmage, it wasn't a bad turnout.

After the final whistle, the various position groups broke into numerous circles around the field and a lot of pictures were being taken.  At each position group, introductions of players and families were being done and it struck me as something a little different in what usually is a highly regimented environment.

To get the full skinny, I sought out coach Butch Jones, who posed for pictures with numerous families and hosted the affair.

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