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If you had a really long license plate, I guess the title of this entry could be somewhat clever. (There again, you could ruin the whole vibe if you plastered one of those ridiculous stick figure families on your back windshield.)

What I'm getting at is be it Munchie Legaux, Jordan Luallen, Bennie Coney, Patrick Coyne or Brendon Kay, I think the Bearcat offense can move the ball in a number of ways.

However, I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I was intrigued by Brendon Kay.  I'm written on this before and it's not a shot at the other quarterbacks, it's just based on observation and some private discussions.

If you look at what most pundits look at as a prototype quarterback, he is it.  He's big. He runs. He throws.  In various cameos, Kay has usually been able to move the team.

The downside is he's older and he's had some injuries. (Gosh, isn't that most of us?)

In a true Jon Gruden quarterback test, I wouldn't be surprised if he came out on top.  Again, Legaux and Luallen are more than capable players, but I think Kay might get the edge if everyone were to start at square one.

Naturally, what I think means little.  Coach Jones, Jon Gruden or ESPN Gameday have never dialed my number for my two cents worth.

What intrigues me though is the case of Tony Pike.  He was on the team seemingly forever, seemingly an after thought and nearly given the boot.  Then, he got a chance and turned out to put up some really impressive numbers for a guy that toted a clipboard longer than most shop foremen.

Is that now not Brendon Kay?

Time will tell, but here's the young man from Marine City, Michigan who could end up around Nippert a little longer than anticipated.

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