Bearcats Breakfast 5.16.12

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Brief and to the point today as we coast into the doldrums of the offseason. At least we have an offensive lineman being waxed on national television to take our mind of the college sports boredom.

While I attempt to wash my eyes out with soap, let's eat...

--- UC will be holding a football open house for prospective 2012 season ticket holders. As I think you all know right now, I'm not here to spin wild promotional propaganda nor am I here to shove tickets down anybody's throat. I will only say that the bargain and treatment that is being given to UC season ticket holders is about as good as you'll see in college football right now.

The Bearcats are hosting an Open House on June 5 from 6-8 at the Lindner Center for folks to talk to Butch Jones, AD Whit Babcock and other UC reps while looking at seats for season tickets next year.

If I had the time and resources to come up with the cheapest season ticket package in the BCS, I can almost guarantee you I'd find UC's celebration of their 125th season by offering a season-ticket package for $125 as the lowest (sections 101/201). That does not even require joining UCats.

For the record, that's $17.85 a game.

Other packages include red zone season tickets the next section over for $160, the Bearcat Lair sections in the end zone under the scoreboard for $175. There are plenty more packages, you can call the UC ticket office at 1-877-CATS-TIX or head over to

Between the cheap prices, seven games on campus and personal attention, it's a pretty darn good deal. I know it's hard to take these comments seriously coming from someone who gets in for free every game, but you can't deny how much you get for your money.

--- Tweet came from Cash Wright yesterday that he was playing HORSE with Aaron Craft, Gov. John Kasich and Clark Kellogg. Unless this is how they decided to settle which schools receive funding, this didn't sound like standard parliamentary procedure.

Actually, UC was being honored for their Sweet 16 run and Cash traveled up to Columbus along with assistant coach Darren Savino to represent the team.

Kasich was honoring the four Ohio schools that made it into the Round of 16.

Cool experience I am sure for Wright.

--- Quick response to a Twitter convo I had yesterday after posting my comparison to other Big East teams basketball schedules. The point was made to me by @ucwais:

"@pauldehnerjr problem isn't lack of marquee games it's the quality of 2nd tier home games More MAC teams rather than Chicago st would help"

This point is understandable and probably legit for season-ticket holders, but understanding the financial state of college basketball scheduling is necessary to refute it. Those MAC and other mid-major schools are well aware of their value on team's schedules and the financial disparity between playing them the lowest tiers of D-I is staggering.

Do other schools play more of those teams? Probably. But you have to take into the account the financial limitations UC has in comparison to the Louisvilles and Syracuses of the conference. That's all part of it.

And while I understand always wanting to see better competition, would Eastern Michigan coming to UC really sell more tickets than Chicago State? You'll have a hard time selling that concept on this blog.

Props to @ucwais for broaching the topic. Appreciate the feedback and its a good conversation worth having.

--- Filed under
"stories I should have touched on two days ago," JK Schaffer was named Mr. Bearcat for 2012. No, that doesn't mean his ditching his pro career for professional mascoting, it means he was the top graduating senior man in terms of academic and leadership achievements, according to the Sigma Sigma Honor fraternity.

If you have ever read this blog before, you are well aware my feelings on that topic. As easy a decision as they've had in front of them all year.

--- Last chance to check out UC baseball is this weekend. They host Georgetown with games on Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday afternoon. If you like promotions, this is the weekend for you.

--- Randomness...

--- This might be well past my primary demographic, but PBS ran a fantastic Johnny Carson documentary the other night. Great stuff about a guy who essentially invented late-night TV. If you missed it, they are streaming the whole two-hour doc here.

--- The 30 for 30 docs are coming back. Awesome. And they will be dropping digital shorts along with each one. The Pete Rose story already has one.

--- Hot Clicks with a fantastic Wheel Of Fortune Fail.

--- Willie Nelson covered
Pearl Jam on SiriusXM. Fantastic.

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