Binns can run, catch AND walk

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From the Twitterverse, where I try to keep updated on anything from politics, medical research, happy "spin" messages (lot of those), music and sports, I found an interesting piece of news recently.

Former UC receiver Armon Binns, who will forever be known as the guy with "The Catch" against Pitt on a snowy December day, is receiving his degree.

While that shouldn't be compared to climbing Mt. Everest, as scholarship athletes should get their degrees in my opinion, it is still an accomplishment.  Particularly so because Binns has been gone from UC for well over a year.

After being picked up by the Jaguars, he eventually made it to the Bengals as a free agent and their practice squad.  At the end of the season, he was activated, but not used.

From all accounts, he's been one of the most improved receivers the Bengals have.  God bless Mohamed Sanu, but given more than two years (which was all Binns really played of note) with similar focus that Rutgers had on Sanu, Binns might have been a draft pick instead of an undrafted free agent.

NFL folks typically don't call me, but I've seen more of Binns and more players than most and I think he can play.

Maybe someone should ask Dave Wannstedt....

Anyway, I got Jack Brennan of the Bengals to let me past Checkpoint Charlie at Paul Brown Stadium recently and talked to Armon about his upcoming diploma.

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