Bearcats Breakfast 6.7.12

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Eventful day in UC-related sports yesterday. I'll only mention Russell Westbrook's latest ensemble from the Stephen Urkel collection and move forward.

Let's eat...

--- Congrats to Isaiah Pead, who signed his rookie contract yesterday. Liked his tweet following the John Hancock:

@iPead It's official. I got my 1st job today. #TeamEmployed

Pead returned to Rams Park for the first time since rookie mini-camp due to NFL graduation rules. According to, Pead's first interaction with Stephen Jackson went like this. "Nice to meet you. Let's get to work."

That's why you love Isaiah Pead.

I haven't been more excited to see how a college player performs at the next level in a long time. Really feel like he will be an instant star.

--- More Class of 2012 news, Zach Collaros inked a deal with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. The largest adjustment for ZC is that in Canada, he will be playing "offence."

--- In case you missed it, three Bearcats were selected during the draft yesterday.

RHP Zach Isler - 8th round - 261 overall - Chicago White Sox
OF Jake Proctor -14th round - 430 overall - Minnesota Twins
RHP Christian McElroy - 32nd round - 982 overall - Cincinnati Reds

Just for fun, I looked up (on how many 8th round picks from the 2004-2008 drafts made an appearance in the minor leagues to give an accurate representation of Isler's percentage chance of making it to the show. I included the best player from that draft by total WAR with their current team in parenthesis.

Here were the results:

2004 - 5/30 - 16.6% - Best: Jim Miller (Oakland)
2005 - 5/30 - 16.6% - Best: Austin Jackson (Tigers)
2006 - 4/30 - 13% - Best: Allen Craig (Cardinals)
2007 - 2/30 - 6% - Best: Matt Moore (Rays)
2008 - 4/30 - 13% - Best: Andy Dirks (Tigers)
Overall - 20/150 - 13%

-- About a 13 percent chance to make it to The Show? Yeah, rising through the minors comes with zero certainties. Of course, it's never impossible and a line of those before him prove it can be done.

Most notably, who was the best eighth-round draft pick by WAR since 2000? Kevin Youkilis (2001).

--- Some basketball news yesterday as Mick Cronin spoke to Bill Koch about the two open scholarships. Yes, Cronin is working tirelessly to fill them. No, he will not add a player for the sake of adding a player.

The Bearcats could use those two scholarships the next few years, obviously, but there's no sense forcing a player in now if a better one could be added with the class of 2013.

In theory, UC will only lose Cashmere Wright, Cheikh Mbodj, JaQuon Parker and walk-on Alex Eppensteiner from this year's team.

Ge'Lawn Guyn appears the heir apparent to Wright at guard, with Shaq Thomas/Jermaine Sanders playing the wing behind Parker. Adding a big man has been a top priority since Cronin was searching the JuCo ranks to notch Mbodj last year. It continues to be.

But outside of that, jumping after a player who might not be at the same talent level wouldn't be necessary when that player would still likely have a year or two behind the incumbent starter. 

With the now five-player class acquired last year, the coach is afforded the luxury of being patient with his open spots.

--- In case you didn't see the highlights of Tuesday's Football Open House, here you go. A great success and unique event for the program.

--- The Dagger at Yahoo! is breaking down a top 10 list of untouchable records and UC's seven-OT game against Bradley from 1981 came in at No. 8.

They have a pdf of the box score. I'd prefer to see the beat writer's notebook and game story rewrites.

--- Because this is the
listing time of year in sports media, ESPN ranked the Big East basketball coaching jobs. UC came in at No. 10 and the WWL bashes the Cats for anonymity within the conference. Flyover bias streams out of Bristol on this one. Ask the coaches across the league, JT3 and Jim Boeheim in particular, if they found UC to be a memorable opponent last year.

--- Lance Stephenson could be sixth man for Indiana next year?

--- In case you missed it, I wrote about Josh Harrison's homecoming yesterday. Good dude you have to root for. Funny how Harrison and Tony Campana rose to the majors and made an impact being these gritty, undersized, hustle types.

Maybe that's becoming the UC mold. Harrison said he talks to Campana when they play the Cubs but it's tough to keep up during the season.

"Two guys that love to play the game," Harrison said. "You know, speed is a part of our game. Anytime we get on base we know we can make something happen."

--- Randomness...

--- Joey Votto has one pulled foul ball into the stands his career and three infield pop ups in over 2,000 at bats. #Machine

--- If you decide to move, don't forget to pack your $250,000 worth of gold bars.

--- Shin-kicking!

-- A full video of Bruce Springsteen's
1978 concert now up on YouTube. I can almost see a baby Mo Egger complaining about the Knicks in the background.

--- I want to be the lone regular-sized person in the 100-Midget March. #ConfidenceBuilder

Question: What percentage of little people are employed by the entertainment industry? A fraction less then 30 would shock me.

--- Have U2 on the brain this morning. Going with Even Better Than The Real Thing. Always a crowd favorite.

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