Bearcats Breakfast 7.11.12

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Nothing major running through the blog today, but did want to push out some news nuggets for those of you thirsting for a UC fix.

First of all, Butch Jones spent the 8 p.m. on 700WLW last night with Lance McAlister. It was a similar rundown of questions I posed in the two-part interview with coach a few weeks back. Lance tossed a few new concepts in there, including Jones rightfully not caring what other schools are doing (ie OSU at PBS).

Here's the link to the podcast.

--- Bearcat Nation dove deep into the x and o abyss in analyzing UC's defensive strength with the emergence of the nickel back. We talked a lot about this concept last year when discussing what the Bearcats would do at the third LB position alongside JK Schaffer and Maalik Bomar. The bottom line was using a fifth corner was the proper formation a majority of the time, so any perceived lack of depth at OLB was offset by the depth at corner.

That's a generalization of the specifics in this piece, so recommend a read if you are into those types of analysis.

--- Andrea Adelson released a list of players expected to make the trip to Big East media days at the end of this month. UC will be sending Maalik Bomar, Walt Stewart and Pat O'Donnell. More could still be added to the list.

O'Donnell will make for an interesting story considering he would be competitive in the weight room with his two teammates on the trip. All he needs to do is bring back his camp stache from last year and he's an instant superstar.

--- Also, AA calls Butch Jones the top bang for your buck coach in the conference.

--- Sights and sounds from the Mick Cronin Golf Classic this past Monday at Traditions in NKY.

--- Yancy Gates with
10 points and 5 boards in 18 minutes of play for the Pistons summer league team yesterday in Orlando.

Far from the dominant showing he'll need to land an NBA gig, but a step in the right direction.

--- Number changes
for the fall roster.

--- The Bearcats came in at No. 33 in Orlando Sentinel's ranking of all 120 FBS college football teams this year. A fair assessment.

--- Randomness...

--- Dana O'Neil does it again, this time on the devolving condition of female journalists. Both men and women are at fault. Just an excellent piece.

--- RUN DMC will reunite for a performance this year. It's not here. If you know somebody in Austin, Texas, you may want to start setting up your favor now.

--- Luke Bryan is from my old newspaper stomping grounds of Albany, Ga. He sang the national anthem last night and may have written the words down on his hand. Considering the types I ran into there, the most interesting aspect of this news nugget is that apparently Bryan can read.

He has made more money in the last two years than I probably will my whole life, so, I'm sure he's deeply hurt by my joke.

--- This will be the only time it can be proven watching 'Swamp Men' enhances your life.

--- Just when you thought Cookie Monster would never let you down.

--- Wish I had more spare time this weekend to attend Bunbury. What a great event for downtown -- even if it picked the worst possible time in adding to the cluster downtown with World Choir Games and Reds-Cards occurring simultaneously.

Point being, the image of the city continues to rise exponentially. Weezer would be my top priority for viewing with Foxy Shazam a close second.

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