Bearcats Breakfast 7.24.12

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I"m back on the Breakfast after more than a week of opponent analysis. And there was much rejoicing.

Cue O Fortuna....

Thinking that could make the most dramatic at-bat music in history and another in a long line of reasons why I regret not practicing baseball more as a kid.

Let's eat...

--- Chad Brendel at 247 Sports dripping out pieces of his interview with Mick Cronin this week. The first part was released yesterday. Chad caught up with Mick recruiting at the Peach Jam.

Mick spoke about loving working with this group of guys as much as any he's had because of their dedication to being the best team they can. Anybody who knows Mick knows he won't BS us just for the sake of being optimistic. He tells it like it is -- good or bad.

This admittance about chemistry is a great sign. Great guards and great leadership usually make for a great run in March.

Unfortunately, for the cheap folks, CB gets stingy with the second installment and you need to be a VIP member to read it. Good stuff if you are a member. If not, come on, fork over the cash they do good stuff over there.

--- Eamonn Brennan gives a best-case,
worst-case scenario for the 2012-13 basketball Bearcats. Indeed, the search for an inside presence will be the biggest question entering the season.

--- I mentioned running across Jeff Luc a few weeks ago when I sat down with Butch Jones. As I said that day, Luc is a huge dude and looks the part of a the bigtime linebacker that he is.

Dan Hoard wrote this piece about him last week -- the highest rated recruit in UC history. Mark down another case of the family atmosphere Jones created locking in a prospect. We see it happening over and over again. Parents and kids see and hear from players the atmosphere created and fall for it.

And I don't know how he keeps doing this in Florida, but the recruiting pipeline he's cultivated in one of the most difficult places to recruit in the country is astounding.

A total of 17 players on UC's current roster Butch Jones personally recruited out of the state of come play in the winter. Remarkable.

How many Florida players are on the roster for Florida guy Urban Meyer at OSU? Seven.

--- Have to give love to this video cranked out by UC media department. Love the More To Come logo with the three BE championship rings. Pretty much a two-minute, 44-second statement about what makes UC football.

Great stuff and worth your time if you need to a rush this morning.

--- The Penn State sanctions handed down yesterday were unprecedented. You don't need me to write about them, you can check ANY SPOTS BLOG ANYWHERE and they have a 1,000-word take.

As for UC possibly plucking players off the roster, which is a question posed to me a few times from readers -- I can't say I know for sure. I can offer an educated guess, though. Knowing what I know about CBJ, he always does his due diligence, especially regarding personnel acquisition. He likely kicked the tires on a few possibilities and asked what his staff knows about the PSU roster.

Will they land a transfer? Hard to say and I'd place the odds at less than favorable, but if there's a player interested in leaving the Nittany Lions, Jones will explore it.

Was that a vague answer? Yes, because nobody really knows what will happen this early in the game. The bottom line is many of the PSU players may stick around through this year, then see a mass exodus next year when more scholarships are available nationally. For now, most teams are close to their max scholarship limit. UC is close, but there is some gray area.

--- Athlon ranks the Big East linebacker groups.
They land UC sixth. Most people see the departure of JK Schaffer and immediately assume a major drop-off, which is an understandable process. Anybody who knows Maalik Bomar, the progress of Nick Temple and heart of Solomon Tentman know the Bearcats probably should be ranked higher.

--- Bill Koch caught up with Zach Collaros as he attempts to carve out a career in Canada. Best of luck to ZC. Hope he can find something to do in his off time even if all the bowling alleys are wrecked, eh.

--- Randomness...

--- If American Idol were the movie Titanic, this would be the point where Jack keeps saying never let go and begins turning blue. Only a matter of time until they float away into the abyss now that Mariah Carey is on board as a judge.

--- AV Club visits filming locations from The Big Lebowski. Bad news: You can't go to the Star Lanes bowling alley anymore. The Dude does not abide.

--- Darth Vader did not use enough of The Force for his ceremonial first pitch.

--- How bad must the opponents be for a slow-pitch softball pitcher to toss a perfect game?

--- Given the return to the Breakfast, figured this would be a fitting closer. Have a great day everybody.

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