Bearcats Breakfast 7.31.12

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Walter Stewart, Austen Bujnoch and Maalik Bomar arrived in Newport, RI for Big East Media Days yesterday along with Butch Jones.

Monday night was the annual clam bake. This is the best feast in the media days circuit and one that elicits jealousy from nearly every writer not in the building. I'm no exception.

Dan Hoard had the mouth-watering sights and sounds from the schmoozfest.

Keep it locked to as Dan will update with videos all day as the business side of the media days takes over today.

Let's eat...

--- The rumor circulating as media days kicks off is the Big East showing interest in creating their own bowl game for the champion to play in every year if they aren't a part of the national title picture.

The argument about not being part of an elite level bowl emerged recently as a doomsday scenario. First, the definition of elite-level bowl game is changing with a postseason landscape that will look dramatically different in the coming years.

If the Big East locked in a bowl for its champion against a top Big 10 or Big 12 opponent with a large payout, the difference between playing a terrible ACC team in Miami or playing a Michigan State or Ohio State type in an unnamed bowl in Jacksonville or Tampa would be nil.

Now, hooking up another conference willing to lock into such a bowl will be the challenge, but if its a real option, I think the Big East positions itself nicely.

--- The media poll was released. Here it is:

1. Louisville (24) 219
2. USF (4) 176
3. Rutgers 155
4. Cincinnati 139
5. Pitt 131
6. UConn 77
7. Syracuse 70
8.Temple 41

The numbers came out pretty similar to my vote, with UC higher up the scale. Here was my ballot:

1. Louisville
2. Cincinnati
3. USF
4. Rutgers
5. UConn
6. Pitt
7. Syracuse
8. Temple

Being much closer to the Bearcats program, I clearly know more about the answers for last year's high-profile departures than the average writer in New England. The only other difference was I believe more in UConn than most -- or perhaps believe less in Pitt than most. My first-year/second-year coach theory would be responsible for that notion.

Again, in regards to these polls, remember UC was picked no higher than third in the three years they won or shared the Big East title. In fact, they were picked fifth in 2008 and 2011. The consistent underestimating is almost comical at this point.

--- Did I mention underestimating?'s Chip Patterson broke out the preseason All-Big East team. Only Pat O'Donnell made the team. Other UC players are mentioned in consideration but none received a nod.

Chip squarely on shoulder.

--- So, pundits like Louisville.
Fair. Athlon, who makes a living boggling preseason predictions, has taken the Cards love to new heights with this one, though.

--- Preseason expectations are fantastic. Promise
at Pitt! Optimism at Rutgers! Temple will be tough!

OK, I couldn't find anybody declaring the last one. 

--- Jason Kelce was one of 16 rookies to start all 16 games last year. Critics are piling praise upon him. Anybody who knows Kelce at all understands he'll brush all that out of his beard along with the occasional bread crumb.

Great piece on Kelce here.

--- Randomness....

--- When a live power line falls
on a tree, keep your distance. (Explosion warning at 1:05)

--- Just when NBC criticism
begins to die down, they do this.

--- Paul McCartney played the Olympics for just $1.57? I'm going to offer him triple that to play my backyard cornhole tournament next year. How can he refuse?

--- How about a little Angels and Airwaves today? Have a great day.

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