Bearcats Breakfast 7.5.12

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If you are reading this from the burn unit of the hospital, sorry about your 4th of July experience. If not, then congrats, you survived the most dangerous holiday of the year! The only day when recreational explosions in backyards are encouraged.

When is National Shoot Off Your Gun In The Street Day? I'll be sure to gather the family around the porch.

Of course, at least I didn't gather an entire city along the banks of the ocean and accidentally shoot off an 18-minute fireworks show in 15 seconds. Stay Classy.

Let's eat...

--- Congratulations out to James White. The high-flying former Bearcat received a one-year deal with the New York Knicks yesterday. According to ESPNNewYork it's worth $1.4 million, just above the veteran minimum.

He spent the last two years playing at the highest level of Italian basketball. He tied for the league lead in points per game in 2010-11 (21.1) and was in the top three this past year (17.3).

Any mention of White means I immediately must post this video (scroll to 4:50 mark):

White's been known as a dunker his whole life and even Bob Huggins when discussing White's signing yesterday said White could win the NBA dunk contest right now. Judging by this video, he's not wrong.

However, he's become a more complete player the last two years in the Italian league. ESPNNewYork uses the Gerald Green analogy when describing what the Knicks hope to get out of the former Bearcat. Green played key minutes off the bench for the Nets last year while developing into a player whose capable to start. Green averaged 25 minutes per game and 12.9 points.

White was drafted in the second round in 2006, spent two years in the league playing in 10 games, then bolted for Europe.

--- Quick football note: UCATS members have a head start on buying individual game tickets for next season between now and when they go on sale to the general public on July 9. If you are a UCATS member you've got this weekend to get your act together.

--- The outrage and anger over the announced Orange Bowl deal and realization of the "Big 5 tie-ins" surfaced this week.

Here is a story from Andrea Adelson discussing the (lack of) change in the new playoff system. She discusses the concept of the Big East being outside of the major BCS bowl tie-ins.

The current tie-ins are as such:

National Semifinal: No. 1 vs No. 4
National Semifinal: No. 2 vs No. 3
Champions Bowl: SEC vs Big 12
Orange Bowl: ACC vs ND/At-large
Rose Bowl: B1G vs PAC-12

Yes, I understand the problem with holding no guarantees the Big East will be represented in one of these games or the other "major" bowls. The money from a BE school appearing can be significant. That benefits the conference and funnels down to everyone.

Yet, in this changing landscape, the way we look at every bowl should be challenged. Taking the old powers and plopping those on top of the new setup doesn't work. What do those "BCS" bowls mean anymore if they aren't hosting a semifinal? Very little. Heck, the SEC and Big 12 created their own major bowl.

The Big East needs to secure a bowl tie-in, but because it doesn't come from one of the former bowl powers doesn't jeopardize anything. When the Orange Bowl isn't hosting a national semifinal, what is it? Just another bowl. Still, the big money -- the billion-dollar deal for the national championships -- won't be disseminated by virtue of who plays in the other BCS games. How that distributes exactly is yet to be seen, but a fair, transparent plan has been at the top of the priority list of those making the decisions. Let's hope that happens.

There's no reason to push the panic button as much as everyone may believe that's necessary. Whatever happens, don't place the old measurements on the new model.

--- Along these same lines, Matt Hinton asks the question perhaps the ACC and Orange Bowl should be asking itself after this 12-year agreement.


--- Unfortunate
headline of the day.

--- Save a life, get fired. Ugh. Nice, Florida. Nice.

--- Zombie theme parks. As if Detroit wasn't scary enough.

--- God Bless America is not the easiest of songs to belt out, but can we check that this man wasn't strangled trying to rip off the final note?

--- Giving the peace sign is, in fact, not peaceful at all for Stephen Garcia.

--- Only one song seems to fit the temperatures out there right now. Happy Thursday everybody.

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