Bearcats Breakfast 8.1.12

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Media day wrapped up yesterday and I have all the links to the pertinent information you need. And there was no better place to start than with Dan Hoard and UC video staff.

--- They spoke with Butch Jones here. The quote that kept ringing in my head after was Jones calling Walter Stewart the face of the program. Pressure has mounted on Walt like never before and he must have an incredible season both on the field and in the locker room for this team to make it four BE titles in five years.

-- The Bearcats were picked fourth in the Big East poll, Dan gauges reactions from Maalik Bomar, Austen Bujnoch and Stewart in this piece. Dan also points out UC has finished above its preseason ranking six of the last seven years. I ran these numbers for you earlier this month and mentioned them yesterday, but just one more time for you to remember and sound smart at parties this weekend, UC was picked fifth in 2011, third in 2009 and fifth in 2008. All three years they earned at least a share of the title.

--- Dan also posted this blog on the state of the Big East. Great points about the optimism emanating from Providence, RI.

--- Bill Koch on site also spoke on the conference's attempt to sell the country on the changes in place.

--- Bill with an update from Whit Babcock on financials and facilities upgrades.

--- Lenn Robbins of the New York Post discusses the hunt for a commissioner that is drawing near as one of the most critical crossroads in conference history commences.

--- USA Today says the Big East is tired of being the punching bag.

--- Andrea Adelson and Ivan Maisel discuss one of the oddest set of circumstances in the history of college football.

--- Joe Tessitore and Rod Gilmore wrap up BE media days.

--- on what
each team was saying at yesterday's event.

--- Newsday on the challenges of change.

--- Ray Graham says his knee feels good. We shall see how good on Sept. 6.

--- Camp Higher Ground begins in one week. Almost here, folks. The trucks are on their way up. Photo courtesy Tommy G.

--- Randomness...

--- Top 25 fan signs of July.

--- Don't bring back the Brady Bunch. Some shows need to live in their era and never come out.

--- NBC may be
the villain of the Olympics, but they shouldn't care because their ratings are fantastic. They hit a 24 share last night.

--- No, I will not be calling Snoop Dogg Snoop Lion.

--- Came across this song today and think I'm a fan. Have a great Wednesday everybody.

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