Bearcats Breakfast 8.13.12

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The Bearcats strapped on the pads for the first time this camp last night. I headed out for the night practice and can attest the energy spiked.

In the live action period George Winn had a carry up the middle he broke for about a 15-yard TD run, but two yards before the goal line absorbed a hit so hard his helmet popped straight into the air and landed on the ground about the same time Winn did. George still finished with the ball and in the end zone. Dude is tough as nails. Was fun to watch.

Plenty more from camp coming.

Let's eat...

--- The sounds of Higher Ground are unique this year. Butch Jones calls them controlled chaos. I think he's just attempting to force us media types into the fetal position.

Tommy G put together a piece on the speaker cart which has been blasting the sounds of a crying baby and intermittent sirens into the ears of quarterbacks and the rest of the offense this year.

The crying baby sound is particularly comical and all too real for some. Though, don't look for offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian to complain about it.

'That got me fired up," he said. "I got an 18-month-old at home and three-and-a-half-month old at home, who I miss tremendously. I hear that crying and everyone else is covering thier ears and I am saying, 'Man, that is music to my ears right now.'"

Bajakian finds the sound of a crying to bring out the best from every aspect of his life, apparently. He knows exactly why that works on the young group he is molding.

"We like our guys to be in stressful situations where their backs are against the wall," he said. "That is where they learn."

--- More fodder emerging on QB
Munchie Legaux. He's the primary storyline of this camp, this season. Assuming he holds off Brendon Kay for the starting job which appears close to a lock, he'll be the biggest reason they succeed or fail to win a Big East title.

Dan Hoard spoke with him here. And also posted this blog here.

I've touched on the completion percentage issue here before and Dan mentions it in the video interview. Year 2 provides a reason for optimism particularly when considering the small sample size and nature in which Munchie was thrust into last year's offense.

Remember, while the base will be the same, last year's offense was tailored to the talent of ZC and Isaiah Pead. With an attack built to better utilized what Munchie does well and throws he's most comfortable with, his numbers should rise.

Personally, I was impressed with Munchie's maturity level. The way he carries himself, speaks and confidentally preaches his message was noticeable. He's definitely changed in attitude, the biggest question will be how much has he changed in execution.

He says he studies much more than he used to. It was probably the biggest lesson he drew from the three-game stint at the helm.

"That's the big key, you have to know what you are doing before you go out there," he said. "You can sit there and coaches can draw up a million plays, but it is up to us to go out and execute them. You can sit on the sidelines and say you can do this you can do that. Until you are really out there with those crowds in the middle of the field it's a different ballgame. Everybody think it's easy but it's not."

--- Hey, remember when everyone wrote stories wrote about Jordan Luallen switching from QB to WR in the spring?

Hey, remember, when everyone wrote stories about Jordan Luallen switching from QB to WR to LB three days ago?

Well, he's back at WR now.

Predicting his next position is my goal. What will Jordan do next? If anything happens to Tony Miliano or Pat O'Donnell, I bet Luallen can boom it.

--- Matt Fortuna wrote about the Bearcats rotation of running backs. He focuses on Jameel Poteat, George Winn and Ralph David Abernathy IV. Those will likely be the three to receive the majority of carries this year, though, Bajakian mentioned Tion Green and Dionte Buckley as really catching coaches eyes thus far.

--- Reminder: Pat O'Donnell is good at punting.'s Matt Rybaltowski ranks him atop those in the Big East.

--- Another story on John Williams, this time from Tim Adams.

--- Isaiah Pead made his Rams debut yesterday. Not a huge flash, but did receive plenty of work. He came in for the second series which is a great indication of how much time he'll receive alongside Stephen Jackson.

He had 10 rushes for 33 yards, with a long of 11. He caught three passes for nine yards, returned a kickoff 30 yards. Unfortunately, he also lost a fumble.

--- The Big East selected Chris Bevilacqua, who helped the Pac-12 negotiate their deal, to perform the TV contract negotiations.

No word if they are concerned with his involvement overseeing the controversial JFK High race between Jerry Seinfeld and Duncan Meyer.


--- Yes, I'm late on this and yes, this was the enemy in last year's Liberty Bowl, but love this video of a walk-on at Vandy receiving a scholarship. What college athletics are all about.

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