Bearcats Breakfast 8.27.12

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First day of classes today. Was there any worse feeling than showing up the first day of classes and having homework? Although, the homework for UC students was pretty easy: show up and acquire Pitt tickets.

They went open the students at 8 a.m. this morning and word on the street is the ticket offices were buzzing.

I spent some time trying to go back and find a more high-profile, anticipated opener in the last 20 years and came up with a short list. Here's how I rank them:

2004: @Ohio State (L 27-6)
1992: Penn State (L 24-20)
2001: Purdue (L 19-14)
2010: @Fresno State (L 28-14)

Where does the Pitt opener fall in this list? I'd place it just behind Ohio State for second. Only because games against the Buckeyes rile up the fan base more than any other. Even though it was on the road prior to the football renaissance, UC-OSU brings out the hype machine especially considering how close the Bearcats came to beating the Buckeyes during the NCAA Championship year.

UC-Pitt falls over the Penn State game from '92 because of the exposure. Thursday night football stage, season opener coming off 10-win season, final conference game against the outgoing Panthers, inside Nippert -- all adds up to a great showcase for Cincinnati football.  The Penn State game is close only because of the anticipation coming off the controversial 81-0 drubbing laid on UC the year prior. And the Cats almost pulled out the rematch, too.

Here's hoping for a different result than the previous four.

Let's eat...

--- The starting QB announcement will come Tuesday. All signs point to Munchie Legaux leading the Bearcats against Pitt. As Bill Koch wrote, Munchie's wiser and more mature.

Judging by everything I've seen this camp, he certainly owns the attitude and confidence to lead this team to many victories. He's a different guy, no doubt about it. He believes between himself and his weapons, they can beat anybody.

Will that translate to better completion percentage numbers and a more efficient offense? Yet to be seen, but he's certainly far more ready to make that happen than last year.

--- Andrea Adelson broke out the preseason bowl game projections. She places UC at the Belk Bowl in Charlotte. I like Charlotte better than Miami, but I don't think Butch Jones and company feel the same way.

She has Louisville going to the Orange Bowl. Yes, the Cardinals return a ton of talent and played well at the end of last season. Heck, even I had them atop my poll. But the crazy fawning over all things Louisville has gone over the top. Teddy Bridgewater darkhorse Heisman? Charlie Strong best coach in the league? It comes from every direction and it's gone over the top. To think any one team in the Big East right now is unanimously better than any other is crazy. The league is too competitive and nobody owns overwhelming talent or coaching.

For a team that is still pretty young, I have a feeling the hype machine might be a detriment to Louisville. If I could go back, I'd drop them out of the poll for that reason. Reading the headlines about how great you are is never a good thing on this level.

--- Matt Rybaltkowski at picks the three UC school records most likely to go down this season. Interesting piece. Worth a click.

--- Tommy G with Butch Jones following the final day of training camp at the Sheakley Athletic Complex.

--- Dan Hoard wrote
about Greg Blair, who has assumed the MLB job from blog favorite Solomon Tentman. Blair is the younger brother of former Pitt power forward and current San Antonio Spurs player DeJuan Blair.

Great insight into what has been a tough stretch for the JC transfer.

--- This nugget from the Big East blog sorting through the conference:

"6. Since 2007, the Cincinnati Bearcats have had four seasons of at least 10 wins. The rest of the teams in the Big East have combined for three."

--- Nippert Stadium is a one of a kind jewel, statement of the facts from Down the Drive.

--- Some randomness...

--- This is a fantastic read from Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on ailing St. Louis coach Rick Majerus.

--- I side with Sally Jenkins
in the Lance Armstrong debate. The guy was the best cyclist in one of the dirtiest sports around. He raised millions upon millions for cancer. He beat cancer himself. Personally, dirty or clean, I could care less. Go tear down somebody who hasn't done so much good with his fame.

--- The Real Housewives of
New Jersey think the atmosphere in the Red Sox clubhouse is toxic.

--- Pearl Jam on
Monday for motivation. Go.

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