Bearcats Breakfast 8.29.12

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One. More. Week.

The rest of college football celebrates the open of the season tonight, but Bearcats fans can rest easy knowing one of the coolest moments of the year will happen in seven days.

There's nothing like opening day, but nothing comes close to opening night on national TV against a rival.

Even better news is Pitt couldn't even sell out their mandated allotment of tickets to the game and turned a bunch back over to UC. And the Bearcats ticket office is giving back to you with an awesome deal tonight only.

It's called Bearcats Afterhours which begs a vision of Butch Jones in front of a fireplace with a smoking jacket and his feet up sipping Courvoisier.

Jones will be there for some of the time, sans Afterhours stereotype, helping to answer phones. The lines will be open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. as they sell the tickets to the opener for $22 and a $15 parking pass that include tickets to the Delaware St. game or basketball exhibition opener, plus four tickets to any Olympic sport event on campus.

Plus, no fees when calling in tonight. Love how the marketing folks are doing stuff like this when opportunities arise. Hope those of you who haven't planned to be in the house Thursday take advantage.

Let's eat...

--- While we're talking tickets, season ticket holders get the first shot at Crosstown Classic tickets. You should see that offer showing up momentarily. I'd expect nearly every ST holder to take advantage. Make a reservation at one of the fine Banks establishments now and enjoy a great night in the new Cincinnati.

Love this city more and more every day.

--- Great post by Bearcats Nation ranking all the recent UC football intro videos. The video folks over at UC always do a great job and rile the heck out of 35k.

I'll give my vote to the 2009 "Welcome to the Show" as my favorite. Not to mention UC never lost when it played. Looking forward to seeing what they've got in store next week.

--- Big East ESPN blog posted its predictions for the first weekend in the Big East. The conference will have games on Thursday-Sunday. While all the advertising revenue racks up, lost in the opening weekend will be the opening of the negotiating window with ESPN. Likely, Nov. 1 will be a bigger date to watch when the negotiations open up to the market it the BE and ESPN can't make it happen.

--- UC will be watching Pitt-Youngstown State (6pm, ESPN3) closely. First game under a new coach falls under the first season under a new coach theory. Rare is the first-year coach who strides purposely out of the gates. Particularly one installing a much more complicated system.

Drawing Pitt early in the season while a team made by four other coaches reacts to the fifth won't evolve without bumps in the road. The Bearcats just hope Nippert Stadium is a boulder.

--- Pitt Blather bemoans Chryst's lack of specific goal setting, at least publicly.  

--- Down the Drive makes a case for Nick Temple as a key to the season defensively. I'd place the key on Jordan Stepp or some combination being solid up the middle, but Temple can certainly build the profile of the defense, but he'll be fighting blockers on the second level all year if the defensive tackles struggle to hold their ground.

--- Randomness...

--- Apparently the best place to live if you are young is where nobody can find you. Good luck convincing a 23-year-old they need to live in North Dakota.

--- Panorama from the Mars rover are mesmerizing. Awesome.

--- Breaking out End of the Road at the local Karaoke night might not be advisable. Unless you are Charles Barkley. And you bring out Boyz II Men to back you.

Subnote: Boyz II Men is so broke and bored they are showing up at events like this and sharing the stage with Chuck? I'll always have a special place for the Boyz, but they are one church festival away from making me turn in my cassette tapes.

--- Sports Pickle breaks out the conference slogans for the year. I'll stand by the Big 12 as my favorite: "Our shiny new thing is West Virginia. Oh, shut up."

--- FX ordered 90 episodes of Charlie Sheen's Anger Management? Ryan Howard's contract thinks that might not end well.

--- Classic Price is Right episode I can get behind. Our guy Bob better be there.

--- Not a big Barenaked Ladies fan,
but this song fits today. Have a great one.

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