Bearcats Breakfast 8.3.12

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The preseason Coaches poll was released yesterday and UC ended up 29th counting the also receiving votes category.

UC's spot gave more respect than the Big East media poll which placed them fourth behind Louisville, USF and Rutgers. Yet, in the coaches poll only the Cardinals at 27 were in front of the Bearcats.

Did I just mention respect, Bearcats and poll in the same sentence?

Kind of a rarity around these parts. Typically UC comes from off the radar to the mainstream after being underestimated by the national pundits. Perhaps they are finally taking notice of the successful undercurrent in Clifton.

Take a peak at the numbers pollster crunched.

They ranked the five most overrated and underrated teams by the poll over the last five years. UC was ranked the most underrated team.

Four of the last five years they have finished higher than the preseason rank in the AP poll. The 2010 year the lone exception when they weren't ranked in either.

Why do Bearcats fans and players constantly beat the drum of disrespect? Because it's very real. The numbers tell the story.

Let's eat...

--- Andrea Adelson spoke with Walter Stewart at BE Media Days. The team's dynamic leader probably should have told a ghost story out of the worst lighting ever.

--- The early storyline of camp will be the starting quarterback job. Bill Koch writes that CBJ wants to name a starter one week into camp. I'd be shocked if it weren't Munchie considered the experience gained last year. Jones said Legaux owns "the inside track."

The stat to watch for Munchie this year will be completion percentage. He completed just 47 percent of his passes last season and will need to be much better if UC is to compete for a Big East title. Confidence and knowledge of the season will help that, but that's a big jump to make in one year.

By comparison, Zach Collaros hit 61 percent of passes last season.

A jump in completion percentage wouldn't be out of the norm, though. Just look around the Big East and you'll find QBs who popped their completion percentage up every season.

Player, School          2009  2010  2011
BJ Daniels, USF       53.7   58.4,  58.9
Ryan Nassib, Cuse   52.9,  56.4   62.4

Looking beyond the Big East to some of the top QBs, they weren't always throwing darts.

Player, School          2009  2010  2011
Matt Barkley, USC    59.9   62.6   69.1
Tajh Boyd, Clemson  -----    52.4   59.7

How far can UC realistically expect Legaux's completion percentage to jump? Considering the small sample size of last year, it could be a large amount. If he ends up the season somewhere in the mid-to-high 50s that would be a major success with the element he brings in the running game.

--- Local favorite and strong Ohio Bobcat
Anthony Castrovince with a cool story on the baseball card bonanza in Ohio.

--- Disappointed myself and Dan Hoard were left out of the list of the region's top bald men. Bald truly is the new hair.

--- Ghostbusters without Bill Murray is not a Ghostbusters. If Bill's out, so am I.

--- The Pirates, Friday Fireworks and Shave Marty should make for a great night at the ball park tonight.

--- In his honor, how about a little Blue Man Group for the weekend? Enjoy it. Practice opens next week and we are under five weeks from Pitt at The Nipp. Almost there.

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