Bearcats Breakfast 8.7.12

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The landmarks are rolling by now. You know when you are driving on a summer vacation trip and point out small victories along the way to break up the ride?

"OK, let's just focus on reaching the World's Largest Pickle and we'll be halfway there."

Well, today the UC football team reports. That's a big pickle.

Tomorrow comes the first practice at Higher Ground (before you ask, no, the practices are not open to the public). And we are less than a month away from the opener against Pitt at Nippert.

While we are on that topic, this movie trailer produced by the UC video department has been raising goosebumps all over Bearcat Nation. I recommend watching if you're having any trouble growing excited for the opener.

On that note, let's eat...

--- I'll open with an invitation for you. I'll be heading out to the first practices this week and want to know what you want to know. What questions do you want asked? What stories do you want written? What aren't we talking about that we should?

Shoot me an email ( or hit me up on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr) to relay to me your questions, comments, suggestions, complaints.

--- An interesting development
occurred over the weekend when associate football commish Nick Carparelli went on with Dan Hoard on 700WLW and stated he believes the conference can fetch more than the ACC per team in the TV deal negotiations. Now, whether that comes from ESPN in the two-month exclusive negotiation window that begins Sept. 1 or after Nov. 1 when it opens to competition is yet to be seen.

Though, I would be shocked if the Big East reached a deal with the Worldwide Leader before reaching the open market. A huge deal like that would suddenly level the playing field and alter the negative perception the conference fought the last year. All yet to be seen but incredibly pertinent to the future health, competitiveness of UC athletics.

--- Here's the NY Daily News discussing the possiblility of NBC Sports being the bidder willing to open the wallet for the Big East.

--- On to this year's Bearcats, Andrew Force talks about the defense and the changing face of leadership headed by Walt Stewart and Maalik Bomar.

--- Bill Koch wrote a general preview piece this weekend on the new look of the Bearcats as camp opens. Informative as always. And showcases a number of questions surrounding the team going forward.

--- Perfect transition in case you missed my piece yesterday on the Five Questions the Bearcats Must Answer at Higher Ground. The title's pretty self-explanatory.

--- Bearcats Nation takes a swing at the
same concept with his 5 Storylines for Fall Camp.

--- A brand new setup for Tommy G, as he unveils BearcatsTV and opens with Butch Jones previewing training camp.

--- Quick basketball note, apparently Sean Kilpatrick has been tearing it up at the Adidas Nations tournament featuring some of the top college talent.

"Sean Kilpatrick -- Impressed scouts once again with his rugged style of play. He has a strong body and he's extremely physical and has good ball skills and solid decision making. In the night cap he went for 24 points on 10-20 shooting. He capped that off by recording 8 assists. Ray McCallum was the top point guard in camp and Kilpatrick was clearly the best SG in attendance. Scouts compared him to Jodie Meeks and mentioned that they liked the fact that from a distance he doesn't get huge lift on his shot but has a concise, quick release."

--- Josh Harrison doing the
darn thing last night for the Pirates.

--- First depth chart out for the Colts and former Bearcats lineman Jeff Linkenbach listed as the starter at LG. Also, Armon Binns with a great weekend for the Bengals as he led the team in the mock game with five receptions for 69 yards including two acrobatic receptions falling out of bounds. Looking more and more like a lock for the roster.

--- Some randomness...

--- Guys with
shaved heads seem tougher, according to this study (h/t MP). Maybe Dan Hoard and I can parlay this into a comic book movie about our intimidating lifestyles.

--- Even in lego form, Usain Bolt is ridiculously fast.

--- Dan Harmon of Community still bitter. As am I.

--- Hard Knocks returns tonight with the Miami Dolphins. Will Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/Johnson make more of an impact on the field than on camera? Child Please. Here's a preview of episode one.

--- The DisAstros, ladies and gentlemen.

--- Yeah, I'll go cliche today, don't hate on Thin Lizzy, people.

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