Four reasons Munchie Leagaux made sense

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Butch Jones officially named Munchie Legaux the starting quarterback against Pittsburgh on Tuesday. The announcement didn't elicit surprise or drama but did come with substance. Legaux earned the spot not only with what he showed the final three games of last season but his work mentally, physically and as a leader in the offseason.

MunchieLegaux.jpgHere are the four reasons taking the field with Legaux made sense:

1. Confidence. Standing behind the sidelines at a recent Bearcats practice, I overheard Legaux talking with his offensive teammates as a drill suddenly called for the first-team offense to enter. He led with swagger and repeated that these are the playmakers. They won't be stopped. His teammates responded to the confidence. They believe in him because they've seen him do it. You can't take the field against Pitt without it.

2. Experience. There is no tune-up game. There will be no time for trial and error. On ESPN on Thursday night football a conference, rivalry and national showcase game will strike. This team needs a player who knows the field, whose led teams into hostile environments and felt the pressure of the main stage. Though only for three games, Legaux won't be consumed by the lights. That's the one unknown with Brendon Kay. He may be able to make every throw in practice, but nobody knows how he would respond when the red light glows off the cameras.

3. Skill set. The offense fit the skills of Zach Collaros last season. He scrambled, but thrived as a quick decision-maker in the pocket. Kay fits more to that mold. Legaux, however, showcases an ability to beat teams with his legs and arm. The offense this year can be built to more allow for that ability to shine. Jones and OC Mike Bajakian love to make teams cover every corner of the field. Adding Legaux gives more play-calling threats in different areas.

4. Chemistry. The Bearcats need a potent WR-QB connection and Legaux-Anthony McClung could be the next great one at UC. The roommates hooked up eight times for 142 yards in the season finale and boast an unspoken connection so valuable on the field. For a young offense searching for a calling card they can dial in critical situations, they know these two can deliver.

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